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February 06, 2016 06:12 EST  
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alkaloidz Meucci Originals value - 2006/8/31 18:32  


Posts: 2
Hi Guys this is my first post. I'm thinking of purchasing another cue after years away from the game. I've found a Meucci Original cue that a friend has and I'm having trouble finding out what it's worth. I don't want to rip off the friend and I surely don't want to get taken either. I'll try to post some pics of it later, but for now....

It has Meucci Originals around the bottom of the stick and has no points. It dates from the 80's I'm pretty sure. It was purchased used in around 91-93. I remember selling one exactly the same model when I shot back then. I sold that one for around 150. The friend thinks more like 225-250. That seems a bit much for the cue unless it's appreciating in value.
FASTLARRY Re: Meucci Originals value - 2006/8/31 19:43  
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Billiards Professional

Posts: 5737
The older ones are better than the current ones. The problem is, they do not hold up well. You need to take the cue out in the sunlight and inspect every inch, then do same with a magnifying glass, roll it to insure it is not wrapped, then play with it.

If you can not find anything wrong, call me and I will buy it. These are very rare, almost all of them have some major flaw. Shafts warp, cracks appear, so be very careful. I tell everyone who buys a Meucci, treat it like a new car, never keep on over 2 years, then unload it before it falls apart. They have the worst quanlity in the industry.

"Fast Larry" Guninger
The Power Source Traveling Pool School. to see my web page come alive click :-) :-D :-o :-o :-P
PoolSleuth Re: Meucci Originals value - 2006/11/24 22:10  

Posts: 476
AMEN.... :-P

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." Words of Wisdom Albert Einstein-American Scientist 1879-1955
whitey Re: Meucci Originals value - 2007/1/7 4:38  


Posts: 175
Wow, I just had to post this. Now keep in mind that I have
used a Meucci for most of my life, but never owned a
"road agent" cue. I love the inlay work, and the concept of
a "road agent" as well, which is why I use part of the inlay
as my avatar. Note - No two are alike, and some have more of
a rainbow in the stain which I am not too fond of. And the
older ones had no color stain on the forearm, which really
made the city sunset stand out.

BUT, I follow Meucci's on ebay, as I just like to look at them
and keep current with their value, etc. So I'm kind of shocked
that someone would spend almost $400 on a FACTORY
SECOND! Come on, I mean if an inlay was crooked or
something it might be OK, but what if there was something
loose or worse, and it affected the hit!


[ Edited by whitey on 2007/1/7 3:41 ]
Pelican Re: Meucci - 2007/1/7 12:38  


Posts: 1057
I played with a 333-4 for quite sometime and liked it.

Folks in my part of the country seem to revere Meucci cues. I have a new 97-32 for sale at the store. We keep it in a locked display case so some idiot doesn't play kung-fu spin with it. People will just look at it in awe, "$2,240, man is it made of gold, har har har". Show the same guy a Richard Black worth over twice that and he'd have no idea what he was looking at.

In my 62 years I have played with everthing from a warped house stick to a 3000 dollar cue and still say - The shooter makes the cue, not the other way around. Every now and then I will run into someone that will recognize the Black Baron. They usually want to know why I take a cue like that out to bars. If he is nice I'll tell him that I like the way it feels and I have confidence with it. maybe even offer to let him hit a few balls with it. If he is a smartbutt I might just say, "cause I can afford it" and walk away. Y'all have heard me say before, "I'm a $5 shooter with a $2K cue" :-D .

I am a Meucci dealer and have seen the quality in their production and shipping really go down hill in the past 8-10 years. Bob is more interested in horses than cues. He supposedly is making a few limited production cues at his farm. I haven't seen one so I can't judge them. Perhaps Larry has handled some of them.

I think if I wanted a production cue I would go with Schoen, Joss, McDermott, or Pechauer. I was playing a Pechauer before I got the Black and really liked the way it played. It was kind of a midrange cue that has an MSRP near 800 bucks.

Makes no difference what you play with - if it feels good and works for you. That is what is important.

Later, Pel

I shoot pool like I make love, I'm not very good but sure have a lot of fun trying.
Crockett Re: Meucci Originals value - 2007/9/23 23:01  


Posts: 2
Couldn't help but notice your avator... just put my Meucci Original Road Agent up on ebay... what a shooter! :hammer:

[ Edited by Crockett on 2007/9/23 19:03 ]

[ Edited by Crockett on 2007/9/24 8:35 ]
Pelican Re: Meucci Originals value - 2007/9/23 23:34  


Posts: 1057
Crockett, you need to edit your post and take the brackets off the link for it to work.

Just a suggestion, Pel

Oh, I did a copy paste and looked at the cue. Looks really nice. Curious as to why you would want to sell it since the way you described it sounds like you really like the cue. One other thing, the script signature was introduced in 1990.

[ Edited by Pelican on 2007/9/23 21:44 ]

I shoot pool like I make love, I'm not very good but sure have a lot of fun trying.
Crockett Re: Meucci Originals value - 2007/9/24 12:36  


Posts: 2
Wow... what a Grasshopper thing to do... thanks!
Leftoverchinese Re: Meucci Originals value - 2007/9/24 21:56  

Billiards Addict

Posts: 296
Thats a great looking cue you have there Crockett. Mind if I inquire as to what the reserve is? Not that I could afford it right now anyway, but it is a stunning cue none the less.
wornoutshoes Re: Meucci Originals value - 2007/9/30 20:48  


Posts: 37
my brother has been playing with his meucci power piston 2 for a few years now. are you saying that he should think about a replacement? according to him it still hits fine.

should he be expecting it to fall to pieces at any moment?
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