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Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:54 AM

Hi, would you take the time to review this item and give your expert opinion, I am currently the only stockist in the USA of this product
360 PureCue Action Trainer
I would like to introduce you to a new item onto the USA market, an invention by the worlds youngest snooker/pool coach from UK.
He has invented a new pool and snooker training cue called the 360 PureCue Action Trainer.
This is a cue for players of all levels, used by top coaches in Europe and tested and approved by many of the world top snooker players and pool players.
The cue has a spring in the butt end of the cue and is designed to bend if the players put any undue force on the cue, any wrist and or lateral arm movement will make the cue bend, and you can't complete your shot, the cue will highlight and erase all flaws in players games, the cue will be a very helpful tool for all coaches, and can teach the player to coach himself, once you see where bend in the spring is occuring, the player can adjust his stroke and cueing action accordingly.
Once a player has mastered this cue, it will allow the player to move seemlessly back into using their own cue with a much more controlled and smother cue action.
The cue was showcase at the BCA Convention Las Vegas was received very well by traders and also a top trickshot specialist who was there at the time, all felt it would be a useful item to have.
More information from TGWUSAUK@HOTMAIL.COM

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