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The pool chat list of DVD's in the library

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Posted 31 October 2009 - 11:40 PM

The pool chat 2009 contest. Win a complete pool DVD library for free

I ask questions, the winner gets the stated prize.

To play you have to be a registered member of pool chat for over 30 days and have made over 20 posts. You can only win one contest per week. If you play and win without having in your 20 posts, you forfeit your prize, or 2nd place man gets it. Shipping is free unless he lives in a foreign country, then he must send the freight to me via PayPal or forfeit the prize. There will be other prizes offered other than DVDís.
Each DVD is shipped out with a autographed copy of FL's 5 shots that appeared in the Ripley's column and he also performed on their prime time TV show premier.

We have given away over $10,000. 2 pool tables, a ticket to the golf Masters tourney for the week, and 2 all expenses paid trip to Rome. The major prizes usually are done during Xmas.
$400 pool cues, racks and most of the accessories, sets of balls and many more have gone out. Nobody in pool has given away more prizes or been more generous than us. If the prize is a DVD, you may choose from any of these on the list.

The winner must send an email claiming his prize to fastlarrypool@bellsouth.net. He must list his pool chat handle, his full name, address, city, zip and phone number. This information is kept totally confidential.

The quiz could be a trivia, or the name of the movie I am watching tonight, giving you clues to it. We ship out once a week on Monday because some will win more than once during that week and it saves money to combine their tapes.

I'll try and give you guys a simple rating system of what I think these DVDís rank, 1 the lowest, 10 the highest. Many have already been reviewed in depth in the column fast Larry reviews. Once you win one and view it, come back in here and give us your rating of it please to help others in their selections. This will help many of our loyal members put together a complete pool library. We will continue to add to this list. If any of you have any pool movies or instruction on DVD not on the list, send me a copy so I can share it with others please. All of these have several copies burned and in stock. They will ship the next day after you claim your prize. The disc is plain and a cpu burn, in a plain jewel case. Some of these are very rare and hard to find.

We have just about every pool movie made, but there is a lot of instruction we need, and match tapes we are real short on. Any thing you have on DVD that is not on the list send to us a copy and we will put it up. If you can't copy it, trust me, we can, send it in and we will return it to you promptly.

In an effort to build up the DVD pool chat library we need to keep expanding it. We are well stocked on pool movies and have almost all that have been done.

We are short on intruction and match tapes. We have some 14.1 but are real short on 8 and 9 ball.

Some may not want to wait and we can swap out now.

If you have anything that we do not have on our list send it to us. If you send us any number of tapes, you can select that same number from our collection. Some have sent us copies just to help the library expand to see them shared with other members.

We would prefer DVD's. When you send them in tell us if you want them back. If so, we will copy and return them to you in a few days, with your free copies from our library. If you only have VHS and cannot copy to DVD, send those as well and we can transfer them over.

Those should be sent to:
Larry Grindinger
P>O> Box 956130
Duluth, Ga 30095

124 Pool Billiards DVDís are offered for free as a donation to expand pool knowledge. These are all given away free to our friends. All DVD's have been donated by the members to the library for the free share. Pool chat is a non profit 50lK so any donations you make are for education and can be written off.

"Fast Larry" Guninger instruction and trick shots

Fast Larryís CD, 4.5 hrs, audio mp-3 on how to play pool rate 8.0
Fast Larryís DVD, 1.5 hours of video on how to play pool rate 7.0
Fast Larryís DVD, 2.0 hours of video on how to play 26 trick shots. Rate 9.0
Fast Larry's DVD, 1.0 hrs of his top 10 greatest shots,TV shows, Ripleys, Wonder dogs.



Mike Sigel vs Mike Zuglan 1992 US OPEN. 14.1 Sigel 150 & out. Rate 11.0 This is as good as it gets.

Class of Titans, 1966 US Open, 14.1 Crane 150 and out. TV bad quality. Rate 9.5 Not a perfect run out, but he got out. It's a classic, a must have. Irving Crane vs Joe the Meatman Balsis. Commentary, so bad, turn it off.

2000 US Open, 14.1 Jim Rempe vs Ginky San Souci. Rate 9.0
Rempe run in the 80's, well done, but what makes this interesting is Pat has Rempe do a player review where he discusses how he made the run and why he chooses shots so you get into his head.

1992 US Open, 14.1, Dallas west 2 innings, 91 & out vs Zuglan. Outstanding. Rate 9.0

Mike Sigel vs Dallas West, 1992 US Open final, 14.1 Sigel 80's run. Rate 8.5.

1995 Maine Efren Reyes 14.1 Hr 123 vs Jim Rempe, rate 8.5

1995 Main final, Efren Reyes 150-CJ Wiley 48. Not even a close match. Rate 8.2

1995 Maine Efren Reyes vs Earl stricklin. Average nothing special. 14.1 match, rate 7.0

1995 Maine Efren Reyes vs Nick Valhoa Average, nothing special. 14.1 match, rate 7.0

2000 US Open Oliver Ortman hr 129 Jim Rempe Hr 96, 14.1, the commentary is by two pool bums who come off as dumb and dumber and its so bad I suggest you watch the match and turn the volumn off. Once you do that, the match is great. Rate 8.5.

John Schmidt exactly how I run 100's Rate 1.5

Oliver Ortman 150 and out 2009 Predator world straight pool event player review, rate 10.0

14.1 US Open 1989 Ortmann vs Matthews review rate it on scale of 1-10 a 2.0.


8 Ball

Pretty Boy Floyd's 8 ball. rate it 4.0. 2 matches, Fusco vs Wade Crane, Jim Rempe vs St Louie Louie at the world 8 ball championship.

1995 Roanoke player review Buddy Hall vs Steve Deborolski who played fine but lost 4-5 to Hall after having him 3-0. His commentary ruined the tape, it was like listening to Rocky describe one of his fights. Dumb and Dumber again. Rate 7.0.


The Pool Hustlers, Italian pin billiards, English sub titles. 7.5



Antique Billiards Vol I, 1:08 of rare footage of players from the golden age. Rate 10.0 on all 3 volumes.
Antique Billiards Vol II, 0:54 ď ď ď ď
Antique Billiards Vol III, 2:00 ď ď ď
Amazing trick shots made easy Stefano Pelinga Vol I rate 7.5
ď ď Vol II
ď ď Vol III
Artistic pool manual, Rick Malm, cpu zip book on shots. Rate 8.0
Mike Massey, how to shoot great trick shots rate 7.0



Allen Hopkins secrets of a champion, just average rating 7.0, not much content, but over all well done.

Australian Oyster Timothy White. 10 DVD's, retail for $140. Rating for all 10 is 0, total trash.

Buddy Hall, how do I win from here and his clock system instruction. Rate 8.0

Burt Kinister
" (1) "THE 60 MINUTE WORKOUT FOR 9-BALL AND 8-BALL" rated 9.0
" (2) "RUN OUT 9-BALL" rating 8.5.
" (3) "SECRET 9-BALL KNOWLEDGE" rating 8.5
" (4 & 5) The two jump tapes Bobby Doss pulled for sale by Bert but we have them rating 1.0
" (4) Bert Kinisters best 10 hustles rated 9.0
" (5) Building the 6 pointed star rating 2.0
" (6) Building the 6 pointed star rating 2.5
" (7) Using the 6 pointed star, building the interior of the star. Rating 1.5.
" (8) Using the 9 pointed star rating 4.0
" (9) Safety play for 8 and 9 ball
" (11) Advanced fundamentals
" (12) The Mighty X rating 7.0
" (13) Rocking around the clock
" (14) The Big Bang, rate 0.0. Awful beyond description, actually harmful, will injure you, avoid this one at all costs. The worst DVD ever made by a human.
" (15) Winning safties 96
" (16) Bankshots 8 and 9 ball
" (17) Speed control
" (18) Shot maker workout
" (19) The deflection disc rating 5.0
" (20) Advanced workout for 8 and 9 ball rating 0.5, pathetic
" (22) Aim to win & basic one pocket
" (23) Intermediate 1 pocket
" (24) Kicking for Kash
" (25) Winning safties 99
" (26) Winning 1 pocket
" (27) Intro to angles and speed
" (28) Intermediate to advanced angles and speed control

How to hustle, and not get hustled, Mataya, stupid, dumb, bad. Waste of time. 2.0

Jimmy Reid no time for negatives a lot of good data and instruction. Rating 9.0
Jimmy Reid the art of 8 ball
Jimmy Reid (1) Almost all I know
Jimmy Reid (2) " "
Jimmy Reid (3) " "

Joe Villapando pool IQ, CB IQ, disc II, Instruction. Rate 4.0
Joe Villapando pool IQ, kick shots rate 4.0

Mike Immonen teaches pool three discs, I II III rating 9.5 very high quality, first class

Megan Minirich instruction tapes vol 1 fundamentals on billiards, or how to play. Rate 0.5
Megan Vol II is the same report as vol I. More simple beginner stuff. Rating 0.6.
Megan Vol III is the same report as vol I & II. More simple beginner stuff. Rating 0.3.

Mike Sigel winning edge, really well done, covers it all, rate 9.5.
Mike sigel run out straight pool 9.0
Mike sigel perfect pool, 9-8 ball and 14.1, fantastic, rate 9.7.

Monk, 5 of them all rate the same, 1.0, donít waste your time on them. Mastering self, cue ball speed, punch stroke, draw, total waste of time, total BS. The two biggest jokes in pool are this dork and the Australian Oyster d i n g d o n g bozo. Neither one, knows squat.

PAT Level I, German Instruction and drills. Rate 9.0

Perfect Aim DVD sold for $80 rate is 1.0

Pocket Billiards, the ladies touch, instruction, Ewa, Jimmy Mataya, Miz. Rate 5.0

Success Matters Hypnosis to play pool CD, rate 7.0

Tom Rossman, Monk 202, banking and kicking Vol I, rate 2.0
ď ď ď Vol II rate 1.0
ď ď ď Vol II rate 3.0
Varner Nick championship nine ball 1972
Varner Championship nine ball Nick Varner 1982




A shot in the dark, 1964, Peter Sellers has a funny pool scene with a crooked cue.
Abbott and Costello show on DVD with who's on first, funniest skit of all time. 10.0
Antique Billiards Vol I, 1:08 of rare footage of players from the golden age. Rate 10.0 on all 3 volumes.
Antique Billiards Vol II, 0:54 ď ď ď ď
Antique Billiards Vol III, 2:00 ď
Bad Boy movie 1935 James Dunn rate 7.0 cool hustle run out scene of trick shots in the very beginning. ď ď
The Baltimore Bullet pool movie, 70ís rare. James Coburn. Rate 9.0
The Baron and the Kid, pool movie 70ís, rare, Johnny Cash. Rate 7.0
Behind the nine 2003 Atl shoot in house basement for 500K rate 1.0
Carambola Mexican 3-cusion carom movie in spanish. 7.0
Chalk pool movie. Rate 5.0
Carlitos way, not a pool movie, but a pool scene that is awesom, see review below 8.0
Cincinnati Kid, 60ís poker movie, Steve McQueen, Ann Margaret, rate 9.5
The color of money, 85, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, rate 10.0
JFK 1991 oliver stone, Kennedy assasination. 9.5
JFK Movie, Executive Action, Burt Lancaster 9.5
Guys and Dolls, early 60ís, Musical, Marlon Brando, story of Titanic Thompson, rate 10.0
The Hustler, 1961, the pool movie, Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, rate, 11.0
Irma La douce, 1963, has several billiard scenes, Shirly McClain, rate 7.0

Killer McCoy 1947, Mickey Rooney, rare, hard to find, cool pool scene and bank shot. Rate 8.5

Kisses and Caroms, funny pool movie, rate 9.0
Kiss Shot, Whoopie Goldberg, rate 4.0
The Music Man, musical, 1961, Robt Preston, first rap song, Ya got trouble in River City, hustler knocks pool. Rate 10.0
My Dog Skip, jack Russell and boy, best dog movie ever. Rate 10.0
Pool Hall Junkies, rate 6.5
Pool Sharks W.C. Fields 1915 10.0
Racing the Moon, rate 7.0
Robin Williams on Broadway, funniest golf skit ever. 10.0
Seven Sinners, John Wayne, 1940, pool trick shot.
Shooting Gallery, pool movie, 2.0
Stickmen, New Zealand pool movie, 7.0
Tombstone, movie on Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Rate 10.0

Song of the South, disney, 10.0, 1946, rare, 1st movie I can remember seeing in a theatre. I was told I threw a fit and went ape when they put Briar rabbit in a pot.

The Pool Hustlers, Italian pin billiards, English sub titles. 7.5
The Twilight Zone, vol 3, a game of pool, 1961, Jack Klugman, Johnathan Winters, 10.0
Three card monty 8.0 Canadian snooker movie
Turn the River, chick pool movie. 4.0
Up against the 8 ball pool movie rated 1.0

W.C. Fields Pool Sharks W.C. Fields 1915 rate 10.0. Silent movie about pool hall fight.
W.C. Fields The great man, bio and clips from all his movies 9.0
W.C. Fields Comedy Collection, Clips from all movies, open the vintage documentary section and you can see the pool skit, Sherrif Honest John from 6 of a kind. 10.0
W.C. Fields the full 6 of a kind movie with George Burns and Gracie Allen. 10.0

W.C. Fiends, Two bios and collections from TV, on Vhs slp to DVD, so the quality is a tad below average. It shows every one of his movies with a clip from them. It also has his famous juggling act from Vaudeville recreated in the movie the old fashioned way in 1934 plus the real story of his life.



A shot in the dark, 1964, Peter Sellers has a funny pool scene with a crooked cue. Movie 9.0, pool scene 7.0.
Carlitos way, not a pool movie, but a pool scene that is awesom, see review below movie 8.0, pool shoot em up scene, 10.0.
The Honeymooners, TV, 1954 The very best 1.
DVD of several shows, at the end, there is a brief skit where Jackie Gleason and Norton are playing pool, about a minute only.

Irma La douce, 1963, has several billiard scenes, Shirly McClain, movie rate 7.0, billiard scene 1.0.

Killer McCoy 1947, Mickey Rooney, rare, hard to find, cool pool scene and bank shot. Movie Rate 8.5, bank shot 5.0.
Lawrence of Arabia, short snooker scene in the beginning on a 9' table, no shots made. Movie 10.0, snooker scene 0.5.

The Music Man, musical, 1961, Robt Preston, first rap song, Ya got trouble in River City, hustler knocks pool. Rate 10.0 on movie and rap song on pool.

Startrek 1966, TV series, requiem for Metauselah rating 9.0, 3-c scene 3.0.
One of the best ones they did. Kirk beams down to tresspass on a private planet, drinks on the job, belting down 100 year old Brandy, shoots billiards and tries to steal the guys gal. What a guy. The doll turns out to be an android and when she falls in love with Kirk, she drops dead from joy. Ole Kirk knows how to knock a doll out.
There is a small 3-cushion billiard scene where the doll make a 3-c shot, then shows kirk how to hold a cue.
Star trek, a piece of the action.

The boss, invites the head of the Feds to drop in and when he does, the boss Is playing pool and bags the feds, using choppers. They admire their heaters and demand 100 of them.
Finally the head Fed wants to show these ding dongs who has the real muscle here and he begins to blow away parts of their HQ. He hops up on the pool table waving around a .45, backed by his two boys who now have choppers. They agree to let the Feds, take over, and run them, and the head fed, keeps the current top boss and makes his rival which keeps doing hits on him, his lieutenant.

The Feds book it out of Dodge and on the way home, The Feds number two man, has concerns about number one having the Feds taking a 40% cut of all their action as part of the deal where they come back once a year to pick up da loot. The head Fed, explains that the money will go back into their treasury to help the feds to guide them into a more ethical society. The Doctor is concerned because he left his cell phone type device in the bosses office and the head Fed speculates that with that kind of technology inside and with their gift for imitation, they will one day soon, be demanding a piece of the Feds action
The Twilight Zone, vol 3, a game of pool, 1961, Jack Klugman, Johnathan Winters, 10.0
W.C. Fields Pool Sharks W.C. Fields 1915 rate 10.0. Silent movie about pool hall fight.
W.C. Fields the full 6 of a kind movie with George Burns and Gracie Allen. 10.0



Up Against the 8 Ball (2004)
Tagline:Life is a hustle
Plot:Two girls at a Historically Black College are strapped for cash to pay their senior year's tuition. In a pinch, they take their pool-hustling skills to Las Vegas to earn the money. But, winning at pool and love has it challenges.

You can tell that this was a low budget movie! Two girls lose their financial aid. They need $10,000 each so they can go back to school for their final year and graduate. So they travel to Las Vegas and enter a pool contest. They take a gay man with them. However, an ugly man also comes to the trip with them. The ugly man beats up the gay man in the bathroom. However, the gay man gets revenge at the end of the movie when he rubs his fingers on the ugly man's back. Now back to the two fly girls in the movie. What man would let a woman walk on his stomach? We knew the girls were going to win. But why did they leave their $50,000 prize money in the safe of a low budget motel for someone to steal? The ending is so predictable. They ended up getting their money back and graduating from college. And the man who tried to talk to Tawny Dahl happens to pop up at the house.
FL reviews, total black movie, made for 19 year old black kids, who want to hear non stop rap music in the background. Nobody can hold a cue or run 2 balls. The only shots you see are straight in. Cast of nobodies. Basic black chick flick. I rate it one on a scale of 10. It sucks. Not my cup of tea.
This and Kiss shot, puts two black movies in our collection.


Carambola Movie Description
I rate it 7.0 stars. I think it is better than pool hall junkies. It is Mexican movie in Spanish, so if you don't hable, or you don't play 3-cushion, a game with 3 balls and no pockets, this one is not for you. You can turn on English subtitles on the bottom and it prints out what they are saying. As I hable, play 3-c, I understood what was going on here. I expected a really bad movie and was shocked. This is a full production outfit that did this. The actors were great, so was the story. It was funny, entertaining. They had 2 fine artistic experts who made some great fantasy shots and some nice 3-cushion shots. I give it rave reviews. Maybe we have forgotten how to make a pool movie here. Everyone keeps trying to copy the color of money seems to be the problem.

So if you order it, tell me, in Spanish, or in English subtitles are the bottom. You then, have to turn those on, when the movie opens.


Movie review from the net.
Why play pool or billiards when you can play carambola? At least that's what the owner of a Mexican bar thinks when he introduces the game to the public. But it's not a hit and now he's got to figure out another way to drum up business and repay his debts, which unfortunately are to a gangster and not the bank. Can a carambola tournament save the day in this comedy starring Jesus Ochoa and Diego Luna?
This is the only Laura Hidalgo video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Kurt Hollander.
Release Date Oct 17, 2006

Running Time 85 Minutes
Movie Details English Subtitled; Original Language - Spanish; Color

CARLITOS WAY. Many consider this now a masterpiece and so do I. It is not a pool movie, but it has a scene where Carlito sets up a trick shot and then wipes out the entire room literally. It is very brutal. FL. I rated it an 8, 35K voters averaged a 7.8. Movie date was 1993.
A review over the net.
What can I say about such a movie? Simply brilliant. I make a point of watching this movie each year and every time I watch it I simply fall in love with it even more. The direction is brilliant as is Pacino's superb on-time acting. Al deserves an Oscar for this flick. As human beings, we love story telling. It's in out nature, and this story is excellent. As mentioned before in a previous review, Carlito's way is Scarface with feeling. Simply involving. I would dare say it does leave you on the edge of your chair with great anticipation, probably due to Pacino's on screen presence and experienced acting mannerisms. Penn, once again is brilliant and shines through as the high-classed, cocaine addicted Kleinfeld. If you have not seen this movie, do yourself a favour. Rent it out, dim the lights, snuggle up tight with your loved one and enjoy one of the greatest movies of all time. 9 out of 10.

Racing the moon. 1984. I rated it a 7.0, 1200 on the net rated it an average of 6.7. This is a wonderful movie. Dec 42, and Early 43, two 17 year old high school kids have part time jobs, are just trying to suck down some beers and get in susie rotten crotch's panties. The ###### took out Pearl a year ago, and now have kicked our *** all over the Pacific. These 2 kids, like millions like them, signed up for a free ###### hunting license. Their only goal is to ship out and kill ######. These 2 kids, will very soon become adults, and killers, Semper Fi, Hoo Rah, they joint the corps and become our greatest generation as they went out and saved civilization, as we now know it. Soon they will be on Iwo Jima eating black sand and probably neither one came home.

As I was on the planet during that time period, I can tell you everything they showed, was just like it was in 43, their attention to detail was amazing. Bowling was using pin boys, who picked up the pins and put them in racks. The pins were usually from the 20's and as the 30's were hard times nobody had replaced them. Everyone was broke flat. By the 40's, even up to the early 50's, it was easy to make strikes as the pins would be wobbling in place and the wood was getting old, brittle and cracked.

I saw my Dad once, who threw a power ball right down the middle, splint the head pin in two pieces, left a 10 pin tap, the piece flew up into the pin boys cage above, hit him in the head, he dropped down and kicked the 10 pin in the gutter. My dad marked down a strike. The pin, almost killed the kid, they took him out on a stretcher. A pin boy had a dangerous profession. Soon they went away, with golf caddies. By the mid 50's, most of the pin boys were gone and replaced by modern automatic pin setters. As bowling was so big back then, one place I went to had lanes on 3 floors. The top floor went automatic, new pins and equipment and had higher prices. The bottom floors had the pin boys, the crap pins, for less money. As a kid, I grew up with pin boys and was a caddy before golf carts.

This is not a pool movie, but it has a long pool scene in a pool hall where the two kids try and hustle older navy men and get trapped. They show you how to leave a pool hall when the jig is up. Always go out the door with a house stick in your hand. Note, they used clay balls, like they had in 43. It showed them playing 8 ball. Possible, but in reality they would have been playing rotation instead. 8 ball in 42, was a new game, and not that well know, or popular. 9 ball was also not on the scene yet.

It was right, when they played for big stakes, they would have played 14.1. There were some good shots, and one nice, but simple trick shot I do in my show, a force follow 2in1. The shots were good because they had the world champion, Lou Butera making them. It is fun, just to see Cage and Penn, so very young and in early performances.

You see the pin boys totally exposed out in the open. The way it used to be was their cages were covered and you could see them drop down an pick up the pins and then they would set them and pull up top out of the way and out of view hidden behind the upper boards or wall. The pin setting machines were accurate.

In the beginning of the movie you see Penn pull out a cig and they tried to hide its brand and that he was using a filter. The cig he used was too long. They smoked short cigs, usually old gold, lucky strikes, camels. You sucked the smoke down to the end because it was so short and there was so much nicotine in them, old timers had their index finger discolored by the oil and heat. If you wanted a longer smoke you went with pall malls. In that era, every guy smoked, any one who didn't was considered some kind of *****, pu say. They were all non filtered. When they did come on the market and gain popularity in the late 50's the real men considered them for women. A poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks like Penn, in school, on foot, with a low paying part time job, would have been rolling his own. He would have pulled out a pouch of tobacco, pulled out a paper, poured it in, licked the side and made his own smoke. prerolled cigs were much more expensive and he would have saved that money to buy beer which was more important to him.
Reviews from the net:
The bowling alley where Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage work in the film was built from scratch by production designers David L. Snyder and Jeannine Claudia Oppewall because the town in which the film was shot did not have one that fit that era. more
Anachronisms: The railroad cars behind the steam locomotive are too new for the era the movie is supposed to portray (1940s
I've always viewed Richard Benjamin as a sensitive, honest filmmaker. Sure, he's made some less-than-great films, but his directorial debut, `My Favorite Year' may be about the funniest film ever made.

Racing with the Moon--the boy, his friend, and the girl--a small town in the Midwest in 1942 and a few weeks before the young men are to be inducted in the service. Their lives will be changed unequivocally, and they will no longer be boys. This is all the time they have left to enjoy the freedom, the carefree wonderment that is youth. FL, THIS IS AN ERROR, IT WAS IN CALIFORNIA. THEY DON'T HAVE THE OCEAN IN THE MIDWEST.

Stevn Kloves first produced script (later The Fabulous Baker Boys) is right on target with smart roles for three young stars. Sean Penn had Taps, and Fast Times behind him, and was his career was flourishing, Nick Cage had done Valley Girl, and Birdy, but would languish for ten more years, before achieving stardom, and Elizabeth McGovern, who's wonderful as Caddie Winger, is still waiting her just recognition.

Benjamin was born and raised in New York City, but his age is appropriate to our main characters. I'm sure he smiled, over and over as he recalled his own youth. His heart is in Racing with the Moon, and its worth your time, to go back for a moment, and enjoy those times.
Irma La douce, has several billiard scenes, Shirly McClain, I rate 7.0, User Rating: 7.3/10 (4,042 votes) 1963. Not a pool movie, but has a 3-cushion billiard table in a lot of the scenes, plus you see 4 or 5 routine shots. Shirly does a dance on the table and that was sold as a picture and hung in all the Jillians pool halls in the country.
The film version of Irma La Douce (which means "Irma the Sweet") tells the story of Nestor Patou (Jack Lemmon), an honest policeman who finds a street full of prostitutes in a popular area in Paris. After reporting the ladies to the police inspector, who has been aware of those prostitutes but lets them off by accepting bribes, he fires Nestor. Drowning his sorrows at the local bar, Chez Moustache, Nestor becomes close friends with Irma La Douce (Shirley MacLaine), a popular prostitute. After Irma dumps her ###### P I M P boyfriend, Nestor moves in with her, and he soon finds himself as Irma's new ######P I M P.



The initial voting which is on the first day has it at 6.4, which is a tab below normal. I would assume the rating will go down. 6.4 is Ok, but not good.

FL REVIEW: I would rate it a 4.0. Well below Pool Hall Junkies, which I was not wild about either. The movie begins with the chick playing poker, slouching down in her chair, chomping on a tooth pick I guess to show what a ###### R E D NECK slob she is? Lots of no names and beginners here with New York accents. Filmed in NYC, they used pro Tony Robles in a role with no lines and as advisor. I have always said, any pool movie helps us, even a bad one.

You will note on the disc she has her head in the wrong place, her eyes are not level and she has an open hand bridge. The chick did not have a clue. At least Mosconi had Newman looking good. I would give Robles very low marks here; he did not have a clue either. The shots he set up were below wonder dogs show. My fookin dog can make better shots than what I saw.

The movie stinks, it has no plot, no story, it is not funny, not fun, and it ends poorly. It has no redeeming quality, no inspiration, no message. The acting is just passable. The music is awful, nonstop violins playing with a blown speaker. She has a cig hanging out her lip like Bogart. She looks like a waffle house waitress who needs a bath and haircut. Dresses in a T shirt. Average looks and figure. If you cleaned her up she might pass. She sits around suckin down beers hustling bums for 10 a rack mostly losing.

She sleeps on a pool table at night when the joint is closed, is basically a homeless person, no apt, no home, no car, no cell phone, no cue and case, uses house cue, an on foot POS low rent hustler. She pukes a lot, gets beat up. I would not pork this pos if she paid me 50 bucks. I see her kind around a lot. A Basic stray dog.

They tell her hard luck story, got knocked up, went to jail, convicted felon, lost kid and all visitation rights, has been in gutter for 11 years hustling pool and cards.
She sneaks to see her kid in the park. All you see is one pocket. All the shots are straight in. The pool action on a scale of 10 is a 2. I never saw so many shots blip out.

She hustles a guy and wins 60K, the big shot of the movie is a simple 3 rail bank, wonder dog once make with his fooken nose. She buys an illegal passport and ID, steals the kid, pistol whips her ex into a bloody mess, drives to the Canadian border where she parks the truck she stole in a lot waiting to take a bus over the border. Cops spot the car, have an Id on her, she runs, drops back pack, pulls out fake gun, cops shoot her, she gets in truck and drives 100 yards to die, end of movie.

I donít know why they did not just show it all, she was a crack head, did tricks on the side to buy the dope, got knocked up every 2 or 3 years and sold the kid. That would have at least put some excitment into this boring pos. Not one fook nakid scene. How can you have a pool movie, with out a good fook in bed?

Rip Torn, the only veteran actor there, put in a decent performance.
It sucked big time. I watch it once, never again. This kid of she-yit, does not help pool, or it's image, or its advancement. Fook U Hollywood, U screwed us once more you A holes.

Turn the River (2007)
User Rating: 6.4/10 (347 votes)
Chris Eigeman
Chris Eigeman (writer)
Sometimes Your Last Shot is Your First Break
A pool shark takes the ultimate gamble when she kidnaps her own son and flees her ex-husband.
3 wins

Good character study with a bit of a Rounders feel to it
(Cast overview, first billed only)
Famke Janssen
... Kailey Sullivan

Jaymie Dornan
... Gulley
Rip Torn
... Teddy Quinette
Matt Ross
... David
Lois Smith
... Abigail
Marin Hinkle
... Ellen
Terry Kinney
... Markus
John Juback
... Duncan
Tony Robles
... Ralphie
Jordan Bridges
... Brad
Ari Graynor
... Charlotte
Santo D'Asaro
... Scott
Zoe Lister Jones
... Kat
Elizabeth Atkeson
... Sally
Joseph Siravo
... Warren
92 min
Filming Locations:
New York, USA
User Comments
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17 out of 20 people found the following comment useful:-
Good character study with a bit of a Rounders feel to it, 20 June 2008

Nice character study of a female pool player whose life is going in smaller and smaller circles and simply wants out, but knows no way to get out.

Excellent performances from Famke Janssen who brings a real underplayed performance, and particularly Rip Torn, who I normally tolerate - as it always seems to be a variation of the MIB character - here he plays the pool hall owner and gives a very good performance indeed - nicely underplayed.

The plot of pool player trying to find meaning in her life with her estranged son is good - but the film is at its best when it's playing pool - just wish there had been more and more of that - very nice. The hustling is never glamorized and feels authentic and kind of grubby.

All in all a nice small indie movie that delivers a satisfying character study of the type normally given to guys - and for that alone it is notable.

For first time director Chris Eigeman whose previous acting credits are more in the romantic comedy line or TV shows - this ain't bad at all...
Pool Sharks W.C. Fields 1915. I rate it 10.0 because its a must have for any serious collection. One of our earliest movies, Fields first movie and the first pool movie made...
A collectors dream. A silent movie which is a funny slap stick comedy which was typical of the time. It does give you a look into what a pool hall looked like in 1915. The chalk hanging from the ceiling on an elastic band was never popular or wide spread. I saw it a little coming up in the 40's and 50's. Note the classic pool table, the clay balls, and the rack on the wall where you put the balls when you potted one in order to keep score, as rotation was the main game then. The wood beads overhead was used to keep score on the new game, 14.1 straight pool invented just 3 years earlier.

You see them do a rather crude CGI on a table where they make all 15 balls on the break. How, I would guess magnets.

Unfortunately this set the script of how hollywood would see pool players from that time one. Hoodlums hanging out gambling, then one hits the other over the head with a house stick, they begin fighting and throwing balls at each other as the place breaks into mayhem.
As a bonus there are 5 more films on the DVD, but none of them have any pool on them. They are all rather dated. They were very funny in their time but today they don't sell well. Fields movies were simply more elobrate complex films of his stage skits he performed in vaudville on stage. As that was the comedy mode of the time people cracked up over it all. Times have now changed.

As a bonus there are 5 more classic W. C. movies in this collection. They are all talkies.
The golf specialist, 1930.
The Pharmacist 1933
The Fatal glass of beer 1933
The Barber shop 1933
The Dentist, an uncensored version 1932

One hour and 55 minutes on DVD.


3 Card Monty 8.0 I rate this movie very high, I liked it a lot, equal to the Baltimore Bullet. The movie is 1978 and what happens to them when they are not restored or taken from VHS to DVD is you see a big drop in quality. After about 5 minutes your eye adjusts and there is no problem. Also when film ages, the color fades and in parts you can see the lips and the sound are lagging a little. This one is a real sleeper and I guess being a Canadian movie it never made it around the USA. I felt the acting was great and the kid did a 1st class job. It shows the life of a real pool bum and how he ends up, in the gutter. Being in canada, there is no pool, all snooker on a 6x12'. A pool or snooker hustler, same thing, same animal.

He is a homeless person, only possessions are a cue in a cheap case, and a canvas bag he slings over his shoulder, our boy travels light. He is on a bus practicing his 3 card monte. Something all cons and carnies have down tight. It worked on stupid farm boys who had not been around.

He enters a snooker parlor and wins legit a car and a homeless kid there picks up with him. He immediately changes the paint on the car and sells it.
He picks up a ho in a bar, gets her in the sack, and when his nose is between her legs, he passes out. She takes off just when the two guys arrive with a wrecker to steal their car back and beat him up. The kids hides him under the bed.

He goes into a used car lot, and just steals a car and drives off and out of town. He gets into a dice game, uses gaff fixed dice and wins 4K. He picks up 2 hotties broke down on the road, gets the blond hottie in the sack where she rides him hard and puts him up wet. She gets him dead drunk, he passes out and she books it with his carbuncle, the entire 12K.
Now dead broke he starts a 3 card monte con in a bar and the two guys he won the car from find him, and the trucker he won 4K from in the crooked dice game, and the beat him up and break both legs with a crow bar. My kinda movie. Dude, show it like it really is out there.
3 Card Monte. FL REVIEW:

What is a 3 card monte:
The movie has no rating on the net.
Director: Les Rose
Cast: Richard Gabourie, Chris Langevin, Lynne Cavanagh, Valerie Waburton

Busher is a card and pool shark who is on the run from some of the many people he has cheated. An orphaned 12-year-old boy wants to join him in his journeys, and together they scam their way across the underbelly of Canada. This tragic story won 11 Canadian Film Award nominations. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide
Movie Details
Title: Three Card Monte
Running Time: 91 Minutes
Status: Released
Country: Canada


Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins
Synopsis: An amateur billiards player tests his skills repeatedly against the national champion, but only wins when he's not playing for cash. He steals from his job to pay for his debts, but finally gets a chance to make good when he qualifies for a big tournament....
Genre: Foreign Films
Starring: Francesco Nuti, Guiliana De Sio, Marcello Lotti

It is all in Italian with English subtitles. The color is a bit washed out from the transfer from Vhs to DVD and the age and quality of the film.
To see a preview of the movie:


They are playing what it called skittles or pin billiards. It is like 3-cushion but with 3 white billiard balls and you score by knocking down pins in the middle of the table. You will note they are using an open hand bridge and playing with mushroomed tips, something some 3-cushion players do, but they all use closed loop bridges. It is a nice insight to see this game of extreme skill being played by a master.
Rules of the game:


Itís a nice clean movie, well done. I recommend it. Fl RATING: 7.5


" Fast Larry's top 10 greatest shots of all time."
It has my top 10 greatest shots, TV appearances, the premier of the Ripley's Believe it or not show, the wonder dogs playing pool, 4 ball bottle shot, 11 rail shots, world class masses, spit ball shots, 2 table shots, bounce wings.

A few of these shots are up on U Tube, but the quality on this DVD is much better.
1 hour of dozens of extreme edge shots. Some of my best work. It was all VHS film from the mid 90's and dubbed together by me in 2000 on a $50 edit board. Yes, the edit job is mickey mouse, and its all spliced together pretty bad. The quality off these old tapes is not bad. So the production is poor, but the shots are great.
I rate it: Production 1.0. Quality 3.0. Shots, 11.0.


How to hustle, and not get hustled, Mataya, stupid, dumb, bad. Waste of time. rating 2.0
1980's, Jimmy Mataya and Danny Medina, the worlds greatest jerk with a guy with zero personality. If I was to bet on those two to match up for real money, I would bet on Danny. Jimmy tries to show you how to hustle, go into a bar, in a fake costume, act like a drunk and win a lot of money. He can/t make a ball, but suddenly when the money gets right is running out, making trick shots and masses. You would get killed doing that silly she-yit. Jimmy wrote it, is the star, it sucks royal ****. Very short, thank God.
Thank God I was spared seeing this POS years ago when it came out.

Pretty Boy Floyd's 8 ball. rate it 4.0.
Same as how to hustle, same plot, same shots, but shorter, and worse. Totally a waste of time in the beginning and I Rate that part a 1.5, he fills it up with a match tape at the end on 8 ball showing more stupidy in the late 80's when they had pro's playing in tuxes. Fatty used to say, puttin a pool player in a tux, is like puttin whipped cream, on a hot dog, ah yess. Floyd tries to teach 8 ball, spends too little time on it, does a lousy job of it.
Then we have the worlds 8 ball championship, 2 matches. This is an interesting study, because until the IPT, there was very little pro footage of them playing 8 ball, because they rarely did. They break bad and try to play it like 14.1. They are playing a race to 3, which is hard to believe. Apa 3's, do that. A proper race should be 7 and in the semi's and finals 10. Race to 3 is a bad joke. The match between Fusco and Wade Crane was so so, some good play, some bad play. The Jim Rempe and St Louie Louie match was much better. All of these guys are now virtually retired and Louie passed away, so its a look back into time, back to 89. I would rate the matches, a 5.0. The commentary was pathetic.

Mike Sigel vs Mike Zuglan 1992 US OPEN, 14.1 Sigel runs 150 & out. Rate 11.0
Perhaps the greatest and most perfect 150 and out ever recorded. A must have for every collection.


Pocket Billiards, the ladies touch, instruction, Ewa, Jimmy Mataya, Miz. Rate 5.0
It's just OK, not bad, but not good. Very basic stuff for a bare beginner. Ewa is pretty, but her grammer and sentence structure is poor. This is 1989 and a lot of the things they teach, like the stance, isn't being taught today. If you can hold a cue and run more than 4 balls, then there is nothing in this for you.

Mike Sigel vs Mike Zuglan 1992 US OPEN. 14.1 semi final match. Sigel 150 & out. Rate 11.0 This is as good as it gets. A perfect match, a must have DVD.


Mike Sigel vs Dallas West, 1992 US Open final, Sigel 80's run. Rate 8.5. 14.1 This is the next day match after Sigel ran 150 & out on Zuglan. His performance naturally was off from the perfect match. Most final's are less than exciting because the players get tight and careful. We see West at the end of his career, he was a great ball runner. At at the top of his game, a year later, in Vegas, Sigel quits the game in disgust because everyone is now beating him and he is not making any money. He leaves to go make cues and money.


1995 Main Efren Reyes 14.1 Hr 123 vs Jim Rempe, rate 8.5.
Efren opens with a brilliant well played 123 and Rempe tries to come back with a 50, then both begin to miss and play bad. When you watch it the 2nd time, stop right after Efrens 123 run is over, it all goes downhill fast from there. You may have to turn the light down on this one too. It begins a little bright.


1995 Maine Efren Reyes vs Earl stricklin. 14.1 match, rate 7.0
Efren played good, but not great like he did his match the day before where he ran 123. He got 100 balls ahead of Earl and the match was over early. Earl also ran over 100 thye day before and today came out flat. Earl played terrible and his attitude went south and you could then stick a fork in him. It is just an average match, nothing special.


1992 US Open, 14.1, Dallas west 2 innings, 91 & out vs Zuglan. Outstanding. Rate 9.0
Great Match, Zuglan gets one turn at the table, runs 50, loses. West play was perfect, text book, one to study.

2000 US Open 14.1 Ortman Hr 129, Rempe 96, long tape. Rate 8.8. A lot of action here. Ortman runs 129 and almost gets out, Rempe runs 96 and almost gets out. Ortman 150-rempe 144. A 129 is very impressive, but he did it sloppy. He was out of line on many break shots but still shot his way out of his mistakes. Hardly text book pool, but it worked. Rempes patterns are better, but both blew easy shots to get out at the end. What flawed it was the two announcers, I'll call them dumb and dumber, after about 10 minutes of their BS talking over each other and bad grammer, I hit the mute button, end of problem. Accustats will hand the mic to any one and you end up with a lot of pool bums talking like they are in Rocky and Mickeys gym. I liked it, I did not like it, I dunno, youse guys make up youse own mind. Ya see, dey got me talkin like dem now.


1995 Main final, Efren Reyes 150-CJ Wiley 48. Not even a close match. Rate 8.2
Typical of finals, rarely a great match. Efren got 100 balls ahead quickly and CJ never got into it or got to shoot that much. At 135, Efren could not put it away and gave Cj several chances to come back which he blew. Efrens play was nice, but it was all one sided.


1995 Maine Efren Reyes vs Nick Valhoa Average, nothing special. 14.1 match, rate 7.0, semi final, Nick is in the final 3, he beat a lot of top players to get there, but here, he does not bring in his A game. The guy drove me nuts watching him. He set the world record for picking the most lint off the table, I though Sigel was bad about this? Looks at a shot, picks up 3 pieces of lint, then he always leaves his chalk 9' away so he has to walk to the end of the table to chalk up, then he walks around the table to look at it. Picks off more lint. There was no flow to the guys game.

Later in the match when he loosens up some, he becomes less robotic. Mosconi used to do this to people, like Efren is today. They know they are going to lose and they come in scared and play bad. He spent very little time at the table, thank God, because he never put a run on and every time efren came to the table he ran 50. Both players missed several shots they should have made. Efren may have gotten a little sloppy because he could see this guy had already kissed canvas and he was never threatened. At the end, Efren makes a cross bank 3 rail into a break shot that was nothing short of magnificant. To watch the tape successfully, just Fast Forward when Nick comes to the table and watch Efren instead.
JFK 1991 FL RATE 9.5
Director:Oliver Stone

Writers (WGA):Jim Marrs (book)
Jim Garrison (book)

Release Date:20 December 1991 (USA)

Tagline:The Story That Won't Go Away more
Plot:A New Orleans DA discovers there's more to the Kennedy assassination than the official story.

Awards:Won 2 Oscars. Another 10 wins & 20 nominations


Executive Action (1973) FL RATE 9.5
Director:David Miller

Writers:Dalton Trumbo (screenplay)
Donald Freed (story) ...

Release Date:7 November 1973 (USA)
Genre:Crime | Drama | History | Thriller more
Tagline:Their Goal...Assassination. November 22, 1963...Accomplished!
Plot:Rogue intelligence agents, right-wing politicians, greedy capitalists, and free-lance assassins plot and carry out the JFK assassination in this speculative agitprop. full --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Burt Lancaster ... James Farrington

Robert Ryan ... Foster
Will Geer ... Ferguson
Gilbert Green ... Paulitz

Runtime:91 min

Goofs:Anachronisms: In the first scene of the morning of 22 November 1963 a paperboy is throwing a newspaper from his bike. He is wearing a Texas Rangers baseball cap. The Washington Senators did not move to Arlington, Texas and become the Rangers until 1972.
Quotes:James Farrington: Tell me, Senator, to what do you acribe your great good health?
Ferguson: Hard liquor and soft women.
[they laugh]

This movie was made almost twenty years before Oliver Stone's JFK so of course people are going to say that it is trite, inferior and dated. I really enjoyed it though because it is a good thriller. Was the Kennedy assassination planned by a group of disgruntled rich guys who didn't want him to obtain cival rights and pull out of Vietnam? Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan are both superb as the big bosses. They honestly believe they are doing the country a favor by killing Kennedy. They believe they are being true patriots. Its really suspenseful watching the plot unfold and come together. The liberal use of newsreel footage adds to the realism and the scenes leading up to the assassination are particularly good and suspenseful. You can feel your pulse raising as the president rides to his doom. Sadly, Ryan died shortly after this film came out. Also, its fun seeing Will Geer, the lovable Grandfather Walton, in a slightly sinister role.



A true winner will find a way to win. A true loser, will find a way to lose. Some losers have a lot of talent and play great. They just never get to the top. They become ham and eggers and in time accept their place in life being in the middle of the pack. Some even like being out of the spot light and under the radar.

A really good study of this is in one of the tapes on our contest list:
1995 Roanoke player review Buddy Hall vs Steve Deborolski who played fine but lost 4-5 to Hall after having him 3-0. His commentary ruined the tape; it was like listening to Rocky describe one of his fights. Dumb and Dumber again. Rate 7.0.

In a race to 5 when you have anyone stuck 3-0, a winner puts him away. Yes a champion like Hall will fight and make a comeback but this guy did not shut the door on him. What made Sigel such a killer is if he got up from the start 2-0, the match ended with him 2 ahead? He never let you catch up. You have to be like Sigel, or like my Jack Russell Jr, once he gets his jaws on you and tastes your flesh, you can't pry him off with a crow bar. You have to be like, think like Jr, a killer.

The other study is he got on the hill and did not put Hall away letting the match go hill hill. Hall makes a mistake and he can now run out to win. He is faced with something like the spot shot behind the line, not a really tough shot, but if he misses, he goes into the stack and Hall wins for sure. When he faced winning the guy locked up. He went down on the shot, pulled up, sweated, which was a sure sign he had set up the choke. Rather than shoot the spot shot in and win never thinking of missing and selling out, which was all that was on this guys mind, he took an extremely tough cut he knew he would not make just to bail out and play safe. And he lost because of this.

Earl, Efren, Rempe, Sigel, would have all walked up and fired that spot shot in and won. They would have spent no time over it either. All they would have seen was an easy shot to win. All Steve could see was a shot to lose on. And this is what defeats guys like him. They defeat their own selves. Their worst enemy, is their own mind and their negative thinking.

I would never play safe like he did no matter what shot I had to win on if it was reasonable. I will always shoot to win. I will never turn loose of the table because you canít win sitting in the chair. You always take the shot and try to win. You have to be bold to be a winner. Fortune favors the brave. If I go down firing I can live with that. If I go down ducking because I did not have the guts to pull the trigger on a shot to win, that I cannot live with.

There is a lot to be learned watching this guy lose. He also plays way too fast, plant, one stroke fire. He missed several shots because of this careless lack of fine attention and planning. He can play and go 8 and out, donít get me wrong, but this guy needs some serious coaching on his game and in his head.


Killer McCoy 1947, Mickey Rooney, rare, hard to find, cool pool scene and bank shot. Rate 8.5
It features some of the best boxing sequences ever filmed. Starring Mickey Rooney, Ann Blythe and Brian Doneley. Mickey Rooney was in top form here and was very good in this film. It's easy to see why he was and is one of the most loved actors of all time. The movie is entertaining from beginning to end. Another great boxing film that also starring Mickey Rooney along side Anthony Quinn is Requiem For A Heavyweight made in 1963. (I believe that was the year.)Mickey Rooney plays the boxer's sympathetic trainer and is also very good in this one.


Buddy Hall, how do I win from here and his clock system instruction. Rate 8.0
This is a very good instruction DVD and I recommend you study it. Buddy is an uneducated ###### bar box hustler and he loves to talk and his grammer and lack of sentence structure is painful. Why these guys just don't shoot and hire somebody qualified to hold a mic and discuss what they are doing amazes me. He loves to repeat him self. His commentary is the only negative of the DVD. The first half is mostly safety play which is so long it put me to sleep, but slug thru it, as there are some good shots to try and remember.

The 2nd half is his clock system of how to put English on the ball and predict where it goes to make 3 ball outs. This is much better. This has been taught for 2 centuries, and he only covers 25% of the clock, so consider this an introduction to it and he has nothing new here even though he tries to make you think this is some ground breaking advance. He films it well, and its easy to learn, he did a nice job, as far as he went with it. This was done in 96, so he still looks Ok, before he went to over 500 lbs and did a Steve Mizerak. You won't see any more from him because he can barely now walk around the table and looks like a whale.

Hall is a great champion, great stroke, great cue ball control, and the things he goes into here are right on. This one you want in your library.


Mike Massey, how to shoot great trick shots rate 7.0

I am Mikes greatest fan and he is the best trick shot shooter of his generation and time, but, as a teacher of these shots, his videos leave some to be desired. Quality of film is ok, and his dialog is fine, but he just does not explain them well. Even I am confused on some and have trouble following him. No diagrams or graphics. This is not a good teaching vehicle, you will get more out of a book. 1998 which shows what his show was like and what most of them were shooting during the 1990's. Mostly set up shots and very little artistic and few masses. Mike and I were about the only two at that time doing the really tough stroke shots.


Mike Sigel winning edge, really well done, covers it all, rate 9.5.

I had not seen this one in over a decade and I was so impressed with how well it was done. Sigel was great. He spoke well, handled him self perfect. His instructions were short, consise, his English was spoken well. And here is the shocker, I agreed with everything he said. He taught the stop ball correctly, 1/2 tip below center, but he does it as a low draw which is wrong. He covered a lot of ground and went over every thing a little too quick. This is an excellent tape for the beginner, intermediate, nothing here for the advanced player. This is a tape everyone should have in their library.

The problem is this was given to us as a probably Vhs, dvd conversion, and their tape must have been going bad because there is a buzz in the background which is slightly annoying. Any one who has a clean copy, send it to us.


Mike sigel perfect pool, 9-8 ball and 14.1, fantastic, rate 9.7.

This is 1992, 16 years ago, at the top of Mikes game, a year before his retirement. He filled up a tape with a full 2 hrs. The amount of data here is enormous. I agree with every thing he says and teaches, except he has no clue on how to break 8 ball, but all the rest is solid. It's really 3 tapes in one. Perfect 9 ball is great. Straight pool is fantastic. 8 ball is Ok. Trick shots are fine, shows the simple kind of set up shots they all were shooting in that 80's to early 90's era, I would come along in 93 and change all of that. This is a must have tape, one to study, one that will help any ones game, no matter what their skill level it. The only reason I don't rate this a full 10, is I don't like his pink girlie boy shirt, the green cloth and draps were too dark, the lighting was too dark, and they let mike run his mouth with out a storyboard, and he loves to run his mouth, he never shuts up. He waves his hands around when he talks like he is Italian and not Jewish. Tape his right hand to his body and he could not talk. But he still put in a wonderful performance, he talked well, instructed well. Mike loves to do things perfect, and he almost pulled off a perfect instruction tape.


Jimmy Reid no time for negatives a lot of good data and instruction. Rating 9.0

A few people accused me of copying what Reid teaches. This is not true, I never did. If two people really know how to play, and teach, they will end up teaching the same things. We were both teaching the jack up draw back in the early 90's when nobody else was and that was where that came from. Here we have classic Reid, a nice looking guy, in his prime at the top of his game in 1991. A top tour player and a champion. Very popular in his time.

He does some things I don't like and don't teach. So I tell you what to ignore. But 95% of the rest of it is right on and very valuable. If you taped me in 91, what you saw then, and my game today, every thing is different. I have changed almost everything I was doing back then. So maybe the same thing happened to him. When we see him here in 91, what he knows, he learned in 61, and the guy who taught it to him was from 41, so when you see older tapes like this, 17 years ago, you are going to get some things that are out of date and no longer taught or used today and are a half century from the past. He sets up on the ball real well, has a nice stroke and sequence and shoots very straight and accurate.

First you have to put up with his language, not bad for a pool player, but he has frequent brain farts, he losses track of where he is, studders a little, his mouth gets ahead of his brain which can't keep up or blinks out on him, he then repeats him self 3 times. Remember they call the guy hippie Jimmy, and you know what hippies are famous for.

The filming quality and sound was good. I don't like where is index finger is in his closed loop bridge and all that space around his shaft. He holds the cue too far forward, 50's stuff, and his stance is out of date, to narrow, to much to the side. On the Masse, he has no clue. His methods on the 3-4 and 5 rail kicks are worthless, just FF past them. I have a system that works on all tables, his does not. More out of date 50's stuff from the 3-cushion world that won't work on a pool table. The way he racks the balls at 9 ball is totally wrong, again, he has no clue and has it all backwards. Sigel knows, he does not. He jacks up off rails when he does not have to. He jacks up on some follows. His stroke viewed from the back, is a little left and not square.

I could probably find the same amount of things wrong with Earl also. These guys have these flaws and just goove a stroke that works and they play around them.

The tape is very generous, a full 2 hrs and its really 3 tapes in one. It is filled with advanced things and fantastic tips. It is easily one of the best instruction tapes, ever made, period. To have its full value, you will have to make diagrams of every shot he discuss and take them to a table and learn them. This is a major study and you could spend days or weeks on this tape learning everything he has to offer you, which is a lot. This is a must tape to have in your library.


Bert Kinister

Whoís Bert? Who has he ever beat, what has he ever won, answer, nothing and nobody. By looking at his stroke which was advanced amateur and wobbled side to side, and how he struggled to run his own drills, which was less than perfect and constantly violating the no no zone and almost scratching, I would assess his skill level at an amateur level APA 6. That was good enough to teach or to become a BCA instructor. Some of those ding dongs canít run 3 friggen balls. At least Bert can play pretty good.

In the 80's Meucci was king, they had 10 pros they sponsored and were putting out instruction videos, going to all the shows, making boo coo money, living like sultans in rural Mississippi. Bert with a pregnant Mexican lady, shows up on Bob's door, wants him to sponsor him, put him on the road, let him star in his next video. Bob told me he gave him a broom sweeping the factory floor at minimum wages so he could save up enough money to get on a Greyhound and get back to Chicago. Not used to manual labor, Bert goes on strike as soon as he begins to get blisters on his soft hands. He tells Bob he has a 6th degree black belt and is going to kick his a s s***. He goes into a Bruce Lee stance and yells key-ya. Bob who is very big and powerful, said he picked him up by the collar, dragged him to the loading dock and kicked him off of it out into the parking lot. He said he had a 6th degree belt in BS. At least, that is Bob's story told to me. Too bad, Bob did not film that one? I'd give $30 to see it.

So when the big boys did not recognize Berts talent and would not make him a big star, Bert funded Bert and made him self a recognized name in the game. About the big star part, I guess that one is still up for debate. There is a big lesson here. If you are sitting around waiting for some big name to sponsor and fund you, do it your self. If you want it done, do it your self. If Bert had not done that, he will still be dumpster divin and sleeping in the back seat of his car. Once you make your self something, somebody, then they will come to you.

Bert was just some low rent bar box hustler from the South side of Chicago, not the address to be from. Crude and his blue collar English skills show a severe lack of education other than in pool halls. In the beginning he tried to hustle you telling you he was a college professor, with a suit and vest with short sleeves on, talking like a ditch digger. You donít wear short sleeves with a vest and people with a college education donít moider da English language.

Minnesota Fats, who never spent a day in his life in school has better command of the English language than Bert who would be saying, youse gots to stop shootin dem balls in does side pockets, or youse is gonna be dooooooooooooomed. Keep shootin does balls into does side pockets and youse is gonna be a regular dinner in da McDonalds dumpster. From that point on, every time I was in Chicago and went by one, I looked in them, so see if Bert had busted out and was having lunch?

Nobody would buy tapes from a giant nobody like him. When he came on the scene in 90-91 the only ones doing tapes and having them funded and produced by Joss and Meucci were the big name tour stars, Rempe, Sigel, Mizerak. Reid was doing a few in pool halls on a lesser quality scale, but he was a tour star also. Bozos like Bert donít do tapes. All the tapes being done in this VHS world were on, how to play pool. They taught you the basics, stance, grip, stroke and various tips. Everyone was doing the same subject and tape. Nobody was teaching drills and the few that were around were in books and were old straight pool 14.1 and many did not pertain to the new game on the block, 9 ball.

So he grabs a cheap camera and begins filming in his unfinished basement with bare cement walls on a 7í bar box. The lighting was bad and the sound was barely passable. No graphics, no table diagrams, just Bertís mouth. Rather than panel the walls, in later tapes he just turned off all the lights other than what was on the table and played in the dark. To show how dumb this guy is, he had simonies 760 on a 7í bar box, to make his stroke and draw look better. There is not a bar box on earth using that cloth. It is too fast for even an 8í table and today we are using 860 which are much slower on 9í tables. He is using brand new clean very expensive Rashig balls which nobody played with then or now, which are totally superior to the balls you run into and these will have totally different angles. They are very dark and hard to film or see, they have no numbers on them.

He takes off the $20 cheap rubber cushions and puts on $250 German artemis which makes his table now play and react like no other bar box on earth. Drills done on a normal bar box, will not connect properly on a 9í table anyway.

So if some of his drills did not work or connect on your 8 or 9í table, this is why. He should have been filming on a 9í table with 860, but that would not fit in his tiny basement. He had a college kid do the editing and paid him $20 an hour and being so cheap, he just left in most of his screw ups so he would not have to pay to edit. He bangs out his first tape doing everything possible wrong, nothing right, and itís a hit. The word spreads and people begin to buy it.

He was teaching things the others were not, drills and how to build shots and learn cue ball control. This was good, very good. His early tapes like 60 minute workout were great, or the content was, the presentation by him was as bad as I have ever seen. But remember the 3 or 4 thousand people who bought this were mostly low rent uneducated bar box hustlers like him and his language and offensive manner did not bother them. They probably talked and acted just like him.

So he has his nitch product and his pool bum bar box hustler following and he was off to the races. He keeps running ads in all the magazines and popping out a new tape every month. His customer base slowly keeps climbing, and I do not mind seeing him make a lot of money, nor am I jealous of his success, which he worked very hard for. He deserves what he has.

His first 2 or 3 tapes are strong; he screws the kid on the jump tape and to keep out of court, takes it off the market. When he is now making a nice living from these tapes and an established success his check book gets fat and so does he, literally. He begins to screw his clientele, which is the hustler mentality. Like a restaurant that gives too much food to bring you in, fills up all the tables and then begins cutting back and screwing you and you see it, and donít come back. How many times have I seen this happen? He comes out with the 6 pointed star which is nothing but a drill that could have, should have been on one tape, and he milks this out making you buy 3 tapes to get it all, numbers 5-6-7. Then he milks it further by doing the same drill again, adding 3 more balls to it and calling it the 9 pointed star. 4 tapes that could have been in 1, nor more than 2. I lost all respect for the man over that.

His early tapes were long and as he went along, they got shorter and shorter. At that time, everyone was filling up the VSH tape for its full 2 hours it held. When you duplicated them then, you have to daisy chain VCRís, so to dub down 20 at a time, you had to have 20 VCRís, and they dubbed in real time, so a 2 hr base tape, took 2 hrs to dub, and the people doing that work, charged more for the longer tapes obviously. So cheap Bert, begins giving you the 60 min, or 45 minute tape later on. Soon others began to copy what he was doing and I was seeing 35 minute tapes coming out. We were now getting raped. Thank Bert for that? The 2 hour tape, which had 3 tapes in one, or three segwacks, was now a thing of the past.

He did some good control cue ball stuff next, then on tape 12 he comes out with the big bang; the worst tape ever did by man, actually harmful and injured many people. At that point I stopped watching his stuff and missed entirely the next 60 or 70 tapes he put out. I just could not stand listening to his big mouth which never shut up. He drove me nuts. I could not take the guy any more. If he had brain one he would have came out and introduced himself, shot the shots and had an announcer explain what he was teaching. Bert in his mind was now a big star and his ego was expanding and he loved to hear Bert talk. The guy never knew how bad he was. He thought he was cool and a rock star. When it comes to running your mouth and having an out of control ego, Sigel is a distant second to Bert.

If you locked me up in a room, tied me to a chair, and played non stop Bert tapes, after the 3 or 4th one, I could confess to slicin and dicin OJ's old lady just to get the h e l l out of there. I would be screaming, somebody stuff a sock in his pie hole? Leave a gun on the table and I would shoot my self after the 5th one.

Yes I am sure I might have missed some good stuff from him, but I just could not take the guys mouth anymore and things that aggravate me, I remove from my space. Fels aggravates me with his stupid BS he writes so does Jewitt with his stupid physics BS, and I wonít read anything they print. I learned to cut ding dongs and bozos out of my life, and then I am happier. Life is too short, to put up with their she-yit, if you donít have to. If what you do, does not make me happy, makes me feel good, you are out of here.



(Named BEST video for 9-Ball & 8-Ball by Pool & Billiard Magazine - 8/94) rating 9.0
Coming up with key shots that come up a lot and training to perfect them was a great idea. I agree, this was one of the better instruction tapes made in its era. It frankly had very little competition and every one else focused on basics. He was first to push an entire tape on drills. This got people doing them and their games improved. I recommed this tape to be studied and worked.
Bert did not invent drills, or any of these shots. They have been around forever. He did not even organize them well. He presented only 27, several were close duplicates, and there are hundreds you need to work and master. He is in his basement, on his bar box, with poor production. He is doing a voice over himself, telling us what he is doing, but he leaves his shirt mic on, so we can hear the very over weight bert puffin and snorting like a pig and he plods around the tabel. It was a nice beginning, to a concept, many others have done, much better than this original. But I still give credit to this as great, it has lots of flaws, but it began a new era of study and work in the game that others had been ignoring for far too long.


Volume 2 "RUN OUT 9-BALL" rating 8.5.
Very good information and helpful to build a good 9 ball game. Well done.


Volume 3 "SECRET 9-BALL KNOWLEDGE" rating 8.5
An excellent tape to become a better 9 ball player.

The jump shot tape 4, the advanced jump shot tape 4, rating, 1.0.

There was actually tapes 4 and 5, named, the Jump shot tape, where again Bert could have put it all on one, but dragged it out into two. The two tapes totaled 93 minutes and if he would have edited out all this kids numerous flubs and misses it would have come in under an hour on one tape. Another typical Bert screw job. As Bert did not have this shot, he got a Kid in Lincoln, Nebraska named Jumpin Bobby Doss to do it for him, who was very good at the shot. It covered all the standard jumps but also taught how to jump very up close using only the shaft. During the very early 90's we were in the middle of a jump craze and everyone was trying to learn the shot. Jumping with a shaft was so hard, few could master or control it and soon it all but went away when new and better jump cues came around allowing closer shots to be made. There are always 2 sides to every story, but the kid got the shaft and to keep out of court the tapes were removed from his site and for sale.

Bert would go on to use others as he was not recognized as an instructor at the time, he let Don Feeney of Chicago who was highly respected, do a long series for him covering all of the basics of how to play. Technically they were correct, but Feeney came off boring and dry. Next Bert puts up George Fels of Chicago, and his tape, was a disaster when Bert found out too late, George could not run 5 balls to save his soul, no matter how long he gave him to do it.

So there are no records of tapes 4 & 5 and you can only get copies from me, or someone else who bought them in 1993. This data is so outdated, don't bother. There is nothing on here worthy of study. It's a blessing Bert killed both of them off the market.
This is some young punk, league amateur bar box bozo who's big claim to fame is he learned how to jump a ball without a jump cue and with only a shaft throwing it at the CB like a dart, turning it loose so the tip bounced back free of the upcoming ball. The kidís mouth never shut up, he put Bert to shame and was even a bigger jerk which I did not think was possible. He was the worst possible teacher and instructor. He did not know squat.
He was using a Meucci shaft, and they broke well, were terrific for jumping or hitting masses in 93, but they blew up because they were not made for this abuse. When they changed their ferrules in the red dot, black dot, they then, like the predator, would not jump over a quarter. He had a very thin, flat tip. Today I know a rounded tip puts more tip on the ball, and using my XX Talisman, I don't have to have it paper thin just covering the ferrule to have it hard.
My Rojos fork grip is better than his, he loses the shaft which causes his instability, and my fork holds it in place. Dozens of times he is trying to show you how this works and he flubs 3 or 4 in a row and then blows the CB off the table and then finally makes the shot. If you can't make these on the first snap, then the shot is worthless.

That is what most of the players in that era found out. They could make it jump, but it was not consistent enough to use in games. Only a small amount could even learn to master this shot, it was too fine of a move for them. Most gave up on it and today you almost never see any one jumping with just a shaft, so this tape therefore is then, now obsolete. Jump cues back then were too heavy. A shaft is 4.5 oz, my jump cue I was using then was 7.0, the ones being sold were 12 ozs. When they got lighter, with better tips, people could then jump up close using standard bridges and methods. His method was free handing, which is rarely used on a Masse because of its inconsistency. His method should only be done when out in the middle of the table and a standard bridge wonít work. And if you don't practice this all the time, you will probably flub it, so why even do it.

He was on a bar box, 7' table, and on a 9' you could not reach most of the shots he was showing. A bar box has a 3/4" slate which jumps well, a standard big table slate is 1" which jumps much less. A 2" slate, will not let you jump at all.

So a lot of the bar box shots he was having trouble making in 3 or 4 attempts, he would never make on a 9' thick slate table. Just a punk, with his 15 minutes of fame, to fade away, to never be heard from again, thank God. So my advice is learn how close you current jump cue will clear the OB, and if you are inside that, do not jump with a shaft, play safe, or pay the man. I can do these shots, with a shaft, but very few of you can, so just do not go near this one.
When you see this d i n g d o n g set up to the jump, then he begins waiving his cue rapidly to the left, to the right, like a conductor waiving a baton in an orchestra, you know from the get go, this kid is a joke, no pro does such a thing, its nuts.

Bert would go on to use others as he was not recognized as an instructor at the time, he let Don Feeney of Chicago who was highly respected, do a long series for him covering all of the basics of how to play. Technically they were correct, but Feeney came off boring and dry. Next Bert puts up George Fels of Chicago, and his tape, was a disaster when Bert found out too late, George could not run 5 balls to save his soul, no matter how long he gave him to do it.
(4) Bert Kinisters best 10 hustles rated 9.0

He came out with 3 tapes on 9 ball that were highly acclaimed and successful. In 1993 he came out with a 1 hr and 14 min fun tape. It was mostly old trick shots that had been around forever that you could trap and hustle people with. Some were weak, a couple were real strong. He seemed to calm down as was not his usual overbearing self here.

Earlier he had told you he was a college professor, now he tells you he has traveled the country as a pool hustler for 20 years. You do not believe anything Bert tells you unless he is wired to a lie detector machine with a bible in his hand and a gun to his head. Remember what Meucci said, he has a 6th degree black belt in bull she-yit.

He shows the 2nd shot he has been cleaning out pool halls with for 30 years, then shoots and misses it an actual 23 times in a row. I could not believe my eyes. If I went off on a shot that bad, and we all do now and then, I would just edit it out, to hide my mistake. He makes you suffer through his 23 misses which I do not understand. I guess he was too cheap to pay any one to edit his footage and remove the screw ups.

He is trying to tell me he has make 50K on this shot and now on tape, he canít make it? Hello McFly, knock knock????????????????

You do not bet on any shot, or perform it live in a show, until you have it mastered where you can make it on 3 snaps, drunk. A world class shot, a DF 9 to 10, you might ask for 5 to 6 snaps.

So he is pretending to be something he has never been, to sell the tape. More Bert BS.

But, his last two shots are simply magnificent, beyond belief and unknown at that time. I made his 3 ball final shot on tape like he did and I can tell you it is a pure DF11, one of the hardest shots I ever faced or made. Remember he is making in on a 7í table, with $250 new german artemis rubber, new 760 simonis, with sloppy bar box bucket pockets, and I made mine on a much tougher 9í gold crown with poor rubber and house cloth, pro cut pockets. To just see these 2 shots made, was worth the price of the tape and made it very worthwhile.
Over all it was well done, worthwhile and fun to watch. I liked it a lot. I highly recommend this tape in your library. So you see when he does a good tape, I brag on it, when he screws one up, I tell it like it is.

Kinister (5) Building the 6 pointed star rating 2.0.

Every one knows rail balls are hard to pot and getting shape and angles from rail ball to rail ball is important to learn and master. Rail drills have been in books for decades. Teachers have been having students do drills on these for a long time so Bert breaks no new ground here. He does do something different by having a tape, devoted to this single shot only, which had not been done before. Its teaching to run 2, then 3, then 4 balls and out with every ball on a rail, in different combinations. Great stuff, diagram them and go practice them, it will improve your game. Berts in the dark, lights turned out in his basement. 56 minutes of seeing how bad this guy really is, exposed. It's like watching George Fels trying to run 5 balls in an open table. Ugly to watch. When you see Holman do these type of drills in PAT, you see them done by a pro champion and his performance is perfect. Bert is blowing shape, missing shots, scratching, pathetic.

And he is on a bar box with bucket soft pockets on a 7' table. If he was on a pro cut gold crown 9' table, his performance would be twice as bad.
I am thinking, Bert, if you are really this bad, did you ever hear of editing it all out and not letting us see you are a amateur league player trying to teach pool? Keep shooting it until you make it right? I guess the reason he didn't would be the edit would cost a fortune for all that tape?

The other problem is you have a amateur trying to teach you pool and he does not think like a pro. All his ideas on how to make these run outs are wrong. He is constantly entering the no no zones and almost scratching, I teach to avoid them. Many of my patterns are the opposite of what he is doing. He will do more hard than good to you here, so once you get the diagrams of where to set the balls, then come see me, or a real pro, and learn how to run them right, which you do not get here from Bert, because he does not have a clue.


(6) Building the 6 pointed star rating 2.5.

Once more Bert is keeping it under an hour or he pays extra for the duplication, 54 minutes and on tape 5 all he did was teach a 4 ball drill, here he just adds 2 balls to it and teaches a 6 ball drill. A total rip off of your time and money. Both tapes, 5 & 6 should have been together, and this will get worse as he will milk this out for 2 more and he figures he can screw you big and you won't realize it. On tape 5 he played like a dog showing how bad he was.

On this tape, no way he is going to make a fool out of his self twice in a row, so he pulls in the local young hot stick, Ed, who looks like a long hair hippie right out of a drunk tank. Burt will let Ed make all the shots, while he sits back as Mc, great game plan, but when the camera went on, Ed locked up like a deer in the middle of the road with headlights in his eyes. The kid could not make 2 fookin balls, he is screwing up shape, scratching, it became triple ugly, worse than what bert did, which was double ugly.

The kid is screwing up so bad bert jumps in a couple of times to bail him out. I am going oh God, we have gone, from dumb, to dumber? Somebody shoot somebody quick. Somebody cap my a s s so I don't have to watch this she-yit no more.

Does Bert toss it out and do it over, or edit the GD thing, no he puts it out as is and sells the POS to you with no edit at all. I am looking at this pathetic pos and going, un beeeeee leave able? Where did this clown come from. No wonder Meucci threw him off the loading dock. This one is a tad better than #5, but not much. Diagram the 6 ball drill and go work on it. It will help your game. Then never go back and watch this pos ever again.

And burt tries to take credit for the nice looking kid making an 8 on the break at the Vegas Apa event. When you look at his shot, he missed, the 8 missed the side, came off the rail, and it was nothing but a back kick slop it, total luck, total accident. Not even a good shot or break, Total BS. Most of the 8's I make in the side, the back kick comes from behind pushing it in, not the other way. 5K for a slop shot, welcome to pool sports fans. I was there, tried to win it and saw him do it. Lucky P r i c k....


Lesson 7, using the 6 pointed star, building the interior of the star. Rating 1.5.

Exactly 1 hr.

Okie Dokie, here we go again after Bert totally butchered tapes #5 & 6, into #7 on the same subject. He should have had all this on one tape and he is now dragging this simple drill into 3 tapes. He should have shipped out a jar of KY Jelly with each tape he sold.

He begins with trying to teach you tips, and right off he tells you to lose your poke stroke. Bert, el wrongo. These beginner teachers like him all do this to you, take it away. They tell you to stroke it, donít poke it and when you come to me years later, I give them back to you. I teach you how to poke, ######, jab, stun and do all sorts of funky things with the stroke which can put the cue ball anywhere.

You spent years learning how to poke a shot, you are very good at it. Do not give that skill up. You now need to learn how to stroke it also, which Bert does not even know as he is jacked up and his tip degrades into the cloth on follows rather that stay up parallel. You need to have both strokes, poke and stroke, then you can do amazing things with the cue ball.

The damage this guy had to have done back then was amazing to me. So many out there, teaching pool all wrong, no wonder few of you ever got there. Itís the blind, teaching the blind.

Bert jacks up incorrectly on follows rather than have a level cue and exhibits a nice draw due to the short 7í table and brand new 760 super fast cloth. This tape is supposed to be on the 6 ball drill but he spends most of his time doing the 5 ball which he should have covered on the last tape.

He brings Ed back and this time when the red light appears on the camera Ed does not crap his pants and actually makes a few shots. Bert does much better and pots well, he must have practiced or edited finally. Both still boot a few but not near as bad as the last two. Bert also tones it down and is less offensive here. He must have reacted to input like mine.

Then Bert sets up a simple rail shot for Ed and he misses it 4 times in a row before Bert gives up on him and I am thinking, Bert, ever here of editing out fook ups dude? Your customers donít want to pay to see you two fook up? They get to see that for free at every league night. At least Ed got a haircut. Then Bert blows about 10 minutes with a protractor and hardware ruler trying to measure degrees of angles nobody will remember and I am thinking Bert, I have a place for that fookin protractor, where the sun donít shine.

This tape was totally UN necessary and total BS. It should have been in 5 & 6, nothing but a rip off. This bum, drives me beserk. I gotta go take a pill and wash it down with Patron after watching one of his tapes.


(8) 9 pointed star. Rating 4.0
Running 9 balls out in an open table is not a given, and running 9 all frozen to the rails becomes tough. So Bert retires Ed, his time in the big leagues is over and he sends him back to Vitoís bar and Grill on the Southside of Chicago, formally called Guidoís, formally called Big Als. I went in there one day looking for Ed, ordered the lunch special and it was broken leg of lamb with Spaghetti on the side. The waitress came out and asked me if I wanted a little action, I said, do I have a choice, she said no. God I love Chicago, my kind of town.
Bert canít run 9 and out very often off this drill and he finally is forced to film correctly or repeat his disaster on tape 5. Toss the bad runs, keep only the run outs and edit it all together. Gee Bert, it only took you 8 fookin tapes to figure this out?
He is teaching the 9 pointed star, which is the same drill he has been doing for the last 4 tapes and he just added 3 more balls. All of this mess, should have been on 2 tapes, not 4 tapes. This all has to go down as one of the biggest rip offs in the history of pool instruction.
The way you do a DVD is you write a script, memorize it, or read and recite it from a teleprompter or from a large school note pad on an easel. Bert just wings it, blabs away as he goes along and he repeated himself here about 900 times, he will say, I got there, I got there, this is the way you do it, this is the way you do it, usually twice, but sometimes 3 times, sometimes 3 times, sometimes, 3 times. With any direction on a set that would never happen, but this is in Bertís basement, what can I say. Low rent Bert in action. Bar Box pool hustler with a VHS sears camera, what you see, is what you get. What you see, is what you got.
What chaps my a s s is he could have taught this drill in about 15 minutes, but he subjects you to seeing him run the same 9 ball drill, over and over for 45 minutes. Good drill, bad presentation.


(12) The mighty X date Sept 1995. rate 7.0.

It is late 1995, Bert has gained a lot of experience and feedback since his early tapes in 91-92 so he is getting better at this. He has now covered his walls with paint, hung 900 pictures and turned the lights on. Here he presents a simple drill, make a long straight in follow shot, or a long straight in draw shot, something he could have presented in 10 or 15 minutes, but as usual he drags it out for a full hour, watching him, as usual, make the same shots and run the same drill, over and over.

He said several times he should or could have made this into 3 or 4 tapes and what a deal you were getting having this in only one. He must have caught so much flak fooking every one on the 6 and 9 pointed drill he must have figured he could not get by with that fook job again. It was really chaping his a s s knowing he could not fook you again.

His presentation is better and he still repeats but less. He said use an ink pen to mark lines on your cloth. Wrong, clean the cloth with water and it will run if you use the wrong type, always use a contractors lead pencil. He said the draw is the most inaccurate and the follow the most accurate, totally wrong and itís just the opposite of this, which is why the pros hit 70% of their shots using draws.

Ed returns with a newer hair cut, short like he could actually get a job and no longer is his hair on his shoulders. He still has the official uniform, black T shirt and Jeans. Bert puts him back up, camera light comes on, all his orifices suck into his body, he is hitting a draw shot and on his first shot of the tape he jumps the cue ball into the air over the object ball and it flies 6í to dive into the end pocket 3 points all net. Bert does not even edit it out? Bert said I bet the camera man crapped his pants on that shot. Bert, your camera man, is a tripod dude. He said do this drill using no strokes. Wrong, you always do shots, using your same stroke routine.

Practicing long straight in shots is very good. Amateurs shake on them, fear them. Doing them over and over will help you groove the shot, and lose your fear of it. So go in, spend 5 mintutes, copy the drill and ball lay out, and save your self the pain of listening to his BS for the next6 50 minutes.

This is another drill that has been around when Bert was tossing his rattler through the bars of his baby cage. It is good, he brought some of these back around and refreshed their use.
Same old Bert, his head so deep up his a s s he will never see daylight.


(19) The deflection disc rating 5.0

Well Bert is making progress, he lost his bar box and got an old 9' table and a decent place to film in. He still has those stupid rashigs. Watching this guy, is like seeing on the job training, where he learns how to actually play pool, while teaching you to play pool. He has been at this now for 20 years, so slowly he is learning a few things.

Here Tony Robles shows him swipe the cue ball and he goes ape over it. He tells you, he does not have a clue how it works, read my deflection article if you want to know, and he could have told you everything he knew about this subject, which was close to zero, in about 5 to 10 minutes. But typical Bert, he stretches a single thing, into a full hour tape, watching him as usual, make the same simple shots over and over, 20 times in a row. The subject was really good and valuable, Bert was his usual dumb a s s self without a clue. Bad presentation. Low rating for that. Typical Bert screw job on his customer base.

Championship nine ball Nick Varner 1982

He can play, he is a great world champion and hall of famer.

But, he has to be the most boring person on earth, in 5 minutes he puts me to sleep or into a coma. And, he sounds dumber than a coon dawg.
Going thru this DVD, was torture to me. Its a copy from an old VHS so the quality sucks to begin with. 43 minutes so there is little content or teachings or value. He shows up in a pool hall, and runs his mouth for 43 minutes, with no story board, talks like a moron, they do no editing, as it went out, it went down period. He tries to run racks, blows first, runs two, blows 4th. Over and over is tries to show you how to play position on a shot to another ball and blows the shape badly. Its so bad, it makes me cry. He must have been on house cloth the day before and came on simonis with no warm up, because he had no idea where his cue ball was going to stop.

How to break, he is so dated at this, because it was 28 years ago. He is still in his straight pool mentality and his basics are for that game and not for 9 ball. He is jacked up, holding the cue on the balance point, hoping the cue ball around, he does not have a clue.

I added this to the library and on a scale of 1-10, I gave it a 2. It stinks. All the people Hu bought this pos, caught it up the kazoo.
The movie behind the nine ball, DO not watch this pos, its pathetic, waste of your time and money. On a scale of 1-10 I rate it a 1.
It was filmed in Hd and edited well, that was all it had. DONE in 2002, runs 1:13, the story is so thin and bad, they could have cut it to run 20 minutes. Some people in Atlanta decide to shoot a movie in their house in their basement, $2,000 cheap chink table, red cloth, $40 set of chink balls, they did not have a fookin clue what they were doing. They grab a bunch of their pals, freaks, ho's and put them in the movie, and not one of them can act out of a wet paper bag. Not one can run 2 fookin balls and every shot was straight in. Like 200 guys are going to give you 5K to come play in your basement to make winner take all 500K, and you make 500K, bull shit, Hopkins cant even pull that off at the Philly Expo. Everyone is trying to rip off the brief case with the 500K, so they shoot and kill 3 people to defend it, toss them in a trunk and drive off with the bodies, and get away with it because they are paying off the local sheriff 75K to cover their action. Its so stupid, so bad, it is a disgrace. Just a bunch of jerk off ding dong nitcompoop morons with a nice camera. It all made me wann puke it was so bad. There is nothing here of value, do not go near this pos.

"Fast Larry" Guninger
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Megan Minirich instruction tapes vol 1 fundamentals on billiards, or how to play. Rate 0.5

You see this advertised and here is this picture of this gorgeous chick, only 14.99 each and you canít wait to shell out $45.00 and over $50 top get vol 1-2-3 on your doorstep. If you want to see a good looking chick with a great body, go to your local titty bar. It will cost you a lot less than $50 if you stay away from table dancing. If you want to learn how to play pool, find an ugly old man who knows how to teach the game.

I thought Bert set the record for fookin you guys by selling you she-yit and taking one subject and dragging it into 3 tapes. At least he gave you an hour per tape.
Tape one is a shocking, 23 minutes. They take simple beginning basics which could have, should have all 3 tapes, been put on one tape and sold for $24, and rip you off selling you 3 tapes for double that amount of money. It is a disgrace.

Many things they do well. Nice set, but green cloth and purple walls was not smart, was somebody color blind? Nice diamond table. Good lighting, sound, film. She dresses well, is pretty, nice figure. She has good grammar, is using a story board, but comes off robotic, talks choppy, UN natural. It becomes annoying. Itís like an android robot talking to you on the star trek TV series.

She does things I do not teach and do not like. She is jacked up on all shots, shooting down into the cloth. She teaches the ghost ball aiming system, which means, she does not know squat. Tape one is so basic, so simple, it is only for somebody who has never played pool before. If you can run 3 fookin balls, you will find this tape boring, stupid and you are beyond it. She is left handed; they should have had a right handed person model the stances. This is one of the worst instruction tapes I have ever seen, and the biggest rip off on time and money. I rate it, 0.5ÖDo not waste your time on it. The people who did this, put this together, did not have a clue.
Megan Vol II is the same report as vol I. More simple beginner stuff. Rating 0.6.

She literally lies down on the table to get that low. It never dawns on her the others can never get this low, get their chin on the cue, and see the shot. It never occurs to her, to show how to play, upright. Females are more limber than man. You see these 100 lbs 20 somethingís females doing this. And to do it, they have to be jacked up which I donít like. The 35-40 year old guy with a little beer gut canít get down there. I teach multiple address positions of the head.
She of course teaches the fixed pin, which I go beyond into drop elbow and she has the pause on the backswing, I think it should be before the backswing. She draws low and level and her draw is poor and weak. Low and level is also wrong. She had to be taught by Jerry Briesith, only he could screw somebody up this bad. More examples of pool being taught, all wrong. She loosened up and began to talk like a real normal human, and less robotic.
Her outfit reveals a little more b o o b i e, which I liked, so I upped her rating on vol II because of it to 0.6.
All she has to sell, are s e x and a young firm a s s, she has nothing else behind that. Janette Lee did OK doing exactly that, so why not copy it and get rich too. This tape is a bigger rip off than Vol I having only 19 minutes on it.
Do not get me wrong. I like this chick. She is beautiful, has a great bod, and plays a great game. I love watching her play. I have nothing against her.

But to the instruction POS she is ripping you guys off with, I have a major problem with it.

Vol III is the same report as vol I & II. More simple beginner stuff. Rating 0.3.
I just knew the stupidity of this had to get worse.

Her out fits on vol I and II were great, nice, very professional, excellent, but they both must have been in the cleaners when vol III taped, so she wore the top she waited tables at the waffle house at before she made it big and bowled in her league in. When she bends over we get to see some bare skin, some bare back. Geese Louise, me bloody contacts fogged up, ought what, I say ole boy, almost stopped my heart cold.

Yo, for 50 fookin bucks, I should have seen a whole lot more skin dan dis? For 50 bucks I should have had at least a h a n d j o b. I did not even get a reach around on this tail gunning.

She hits follows on tapes 2 & 3 using an open hand bridge, which I never allow. Follows, closed loop only. She tells you to draw doing the follow stroke and to follow doing the draw stroke. I went, hello McFly, knock knock, did I just have a LSD flashback to the 60ís or what? I hear the choppers coming in, in coming. Fire in the hole. Medic? Somebody grease dat g o o k, Coreman, I'm hit, no it's my Patron I just spilled on my Jams world Hawaiian shirt, itís not red, it's white, I am white, oh well, where was I?

That one sent me into the kitchen to get my bottle of anejo Patron to pour doubles.

I just knew this was going to get better when she got on a roll.

Her first drills are ridiculously simple, but considering tapes 1-2-3 have been on a level teaching somebody who has never held a cue before, a sub beginner, somebody right off da boat who has never seen a pool table before, then they are right. ButÖ She offers more. I am going yo baby, I would not miss this for the world.

4 ball drill, 4 balls on 4 diamonds, first shot she enters the no no zone and almost scratches. I am going, dis is a pro? No angle to angle, hello McFly?

Note on every drill, they do a cut on each shot, and then she tells us she ran out. Okie Dokie, how come we did not get to see it? We just get to take your word on it? Could she run these drills, sure, she is a great pro player, I have seen her. She plays very well, pro tour level. They did this, so they would not burn tape and have edits. And, on each drill, you get to see her do it, but they forgot one little thing, to tell you how she did it. Like teach you now to do it. Like tell you where and how to hit the cue ball.

They figure, you are a total beginner, so you will figure it all out, sure you will. Knock Knock Mc Fly????

She does 10 balls out and cue ball does not touch a rail. That has no place on a beginner tape. That is an extremely advanced drill only for A players or semi pros. A beginner would have no clue how to do this. I would only drive them out of the game.

The L drill, 8 balls on the diamonds, back to center, all good drills I teach, too bad she did not teach them. Why, itís a 22 minute tape gomer and you get screwed with this worthless BS. You say, why gow lee, she sure is pretty, and dem boobies R sure sweet. 3 tapes, and your total instruction is less than an hour. It all makes me wanna fookin puke. Finally, somebody out Berted, Bert. I did not think, that was possible.

As ole fatty would have said, dis es, un beeeee Leave able. U blew a grant and did not even get a jar of KY Jelly in the box. You sucker. U R a giant chump dude. So next time around, never buy nuttin, without running it by me and my reviews, then I will save you from this bull she-yit and these people ripping yo ***a s s off. GD, seeing she-yit like this, makes me fookin furious. There is no reason for she-yit like this, intended to only rip you off and to not give you any value. You have seen me rate tapes in the 9.5 area. But I rip the bad stuff. Bimbo pool, where do we lose it? This kind of she-yit, we need to stamp out.

Any DVD that comes out from Hampton Ridge, boycott; they are the ones who produced this, and are responsible for it. And for her, she just took the money and ran. I would have held out, for over an hour on each tape, or I would have not put my name on it. My tapes have been 4 hrs, l:30, 2:00. I give value, time to learn, full explanations.

Maybe I am the giant chump. Maybe I need to put out 19 minutes tapes and fook U guys like everyone else is doing? If you chumps keep buying this she-yit, and do not rebel and send in your outrage to the people who produce these, this will be your future on instruction, everyone will be doing this to you. Remember in the early 90's, every one filled up a full 2hr VHS tape, and now you get 19 minutes. On DVD, my cost of duplication is the same if its 1 hr, or 3 hrs, yes I burn more tape, more to edit, but would you buy a movie or go to one that was 19 minutes? I say, bull she-yit? I can't teach you how to blop yo fookin baloney in 19 minutes.

The Patron is finally working, thank you Jose Patron, thank you Jesus, welcome to my world of pool, which I think sucks. Reviewing stuff like this, sets me off, I go into orbit


20) Advanced workout for 8 and 9 ball Bert Kinister. rating 0.5, pathetic

I wrote this j e r k off a decade ago, and we are now in 1997, 10 years later, and he is putting down another screw job of 51 minutes and 20 stupid shots. I had hoped he would go beyound his first workout tape here. I never dreamed he would create a worthless POS. Do not watch this POS. If you own this POS, throw it in the trash, it will damage your game. It has almost nothing of value in it.
I stopped watching his stuff because he is an idiot, a moron with a 9 IQ who does not know squat.
And for the last 14 years this bozo has put out 80 tapes and I never saw one of them. Did not want to be aggravated by his BS. But now you guys are sending them to me and I now have to watch them and review them for you. To tell you which ones to acquire, which ones to avoid. This one you avoid.

You see it in pool all the time, when a player gets a little success, he becomes a giant ah p r i c k, and Bert has fallen into that mode by now. Listen to his English, a ditch digger has better command of the English language than he does. I am going, somebody shoot this guy, or somebody plug me so I don't have to suffer any more. This guy literally drives me beserk. The only 2 people who ever came out of the South Side of Chicago, their ghetto, and got on TV, not for robbing a bank or killing any one, but for actually doing something was Osama Bama, and now Bert, who does his own little TV program where he does his own little tapes for his 5,000 coned bambousled followers.

Everything he says, he actually repeats twice, some 3 times. If he had not done that, and got to the point, you might have got 40 shots instead, instead of his stupid mouth running non stop. I am going, how bad is this guy, and are you guys out there blind to all this? Why do you keep buying this she-yit?

When his cue ball is running up to the paper marker he begins moaning and groaning like a 2 buck cheap fook in a ho house. You think he is a Wildabeast in heat?
He has been at this now for a decade and all I can see that he now knows, is nothing.

He has an old Bruswick sport king? With bucket pockets that will slop any thing in. He is showing you all kinds of shots that will not pot and will blip out on new gold crown and diamond pro cut pockets.

Virtually everything on this tape, is dead a s s wrong. Harmfully wrong, shocking...

He should have told you it was the reverse tape, because almost every shot is shooting with reverse English, which I do not recommend. Every shot has natural running position patterns that are correct and on every one he has you shooting them the hard way, with reverse. Shooting reverse on long shots, is nuts, it fails more than it works. He did not get a shot right until #12, the first 11 were dead wrong. 90% of this tape, is wrong.

This guy had ran out of material, ran out of clues, and put this POS out there to have you practicing dumb a s s shots that almost never come up and when they do, you still will probably flub the ones he is teaching.

As usual, he is too cheap to change out his worn out trashed cloth with X dig marks all over it. His set improved, as did his filming and sound. His content, is so wrong it is scary. He has you hitting shots using the wrong and un natural English that will be thowing the OB into the far out point and blipping them out, rather than my teaching, which is to always use the natural English which thows the OB into the pocket. The nitcompoop has yet to figure this one out

He runs ads in the pool mags every month and he has found 5,000 morons like him out of the 40,000,000 pool players, you know the story, a sucker is born every minute, who buy his she-yit and have been coned it works. He proves, a monkey can teach pool, and do a DVD, if he runs ads, there are 5,000 monkeys out there who will buy it.

Stay away from this d i n g d o n g if you ever want to learn how to play right. He is not the answer.


Mike sigel run out straight pool 9.0

1992, Sigel at the top of his game and popularity. Nice set, great sound, camera angles, and they controlled Mike, coached him to talk correctly. It was all perfect, great, as good as it gets. Only one little problem, its all un necessary as he already covered all of this on his other tape, and he keeps telling you that as he goes along. What you see him do is run 105 balls, he could have ran more, but then ran out of tape I guess. He does a running commentary telling you why he is shooting this and that, which I guess is good. You can learn he is only thinking ahead 3 balls at a time and working segments of the table setting up a break ball.


John Schmidt exactly how I run 100's

Total pos, I rate it on scale of 1-10, a 1.5. Waste of time and money. The DVD malfunctions and kicks out of the machine half way through.

You see in the beginning when he talks, what a punk he really is. He is your typical predator, hustler running on the road sleeping in the back seat of his car and eventually gets good, gets on the tour, they make him dress and behave, but the smart alek, the ass hole punk attitude can never leave this kind of person, and its so typical of pool bums hu come in off the road, Earl hu came up the same way, is what he is, for the same reasons. This is a guy, you would not let date your sister. Most of these punks are just low rent trailor court white trash. They cant get a real job, so they go con and hustle people to make money to get drunk and do drugs. Schmidt brags about being a road player for 5 years and making 200K, I learned a long time ago, what ever these bums tell you, divide it in half to get close to the truth, and that means he made 20K a year and paid all of his expenses, i.e., slept in his car a lot. 20 grand a year, you get paid more than that working down at the corner 7-11 store behind the counter. The problem is these bums dont want no job, they are too lazy to work an honest 9-5.

Can he play, yes, is he good at 14.1, yes, can he run 100 a lot, yes, but I came up watching Mosconi, Caras, Crane and he cant carry their jock strap into a pool hall. The ding dong set up a camera in a pool hall and is too stupid to take it off auto focus, so every time he moves, every shot, the camera goes in and out of focus and he is too dumb to figure this out. Edit or do it over right, we dont do no stinkin edit, we film it one time and sell the fooker dudes. That is why he blabs during the run, trying to explain what he is doing. The way you do that, is later edit and do a voice over, which is always better because you have more time to study and think about what you will say, but he was too cheap to do that.

There is constant back ground annoying noise, like trucks driving by the front door? He screws up several racks with bad position shots but gets out, and he frankly tells you very little about how to play the game. Its like, gee, pay me money, see great me run 100 and I'll drop a few comments along the way. Dallas West did one of these as well, and its hard for me to vote, which one was the worst. To many of these players are just world class jerks and the best thing they could ever do is just keep their big mouths shut, just shoot, and pay somebody to do the MC for them.


Bad Boy movie 1935 James Dunn rate 7.0 review new movie put into the library

Its a really nice, fun light movie which I liked a lot. A lot of early 30's movies are so out of date they are hard to watch. This one really is cool. James Dunn puts in a great acting job, and even shoots his own pool shots, most were wired in set up shots, but there is a cool masse shot. In the beginning of the movie, he hustles this sausage, running out, performing a bunch of trick shots on the way, which is a real jewel, its one of the best pool scenes in a movie I have ever seen, I was seriously impressed.

75 years ago, people felt any one hu hung around a pool hall to make a living, he was called a shark, a bum, a loafer, a low life person nobody would hire or want to be around. Our boy falls in love with a beautiful tomato, but her parents wont let her marry this bum, see, because he does not have a regular respectable job or income. He gets no hoochie coochie until he gets a 8-5 job and has a savings account.

So the attitude about pool hustlers has really never changed.

He finds a gun, gets all shot up, you know the tune. The ending is a total surprise as I thought it would go down. You will have to watch it and see. This is a must have, in your pool collection.



Ortmann on straight pool DVD 150 & out review I rate it on a scale of 1-10 a full 10.

8-30-09 predator world stright pool tourney, Oliver runs 150 and out from the break to defeat Earl Herming 150-0.
A great 150 and out, one of the best I have ever seen. What makes this so special is Pat Fleming, president of accustats and a world class straight pool player him self had Oliver come back to discuss who he was, how he came up, what his equipment is, how he plays and how he played this game and match. The information here, is priceless. This one is a must have. Oliver is very intelligent and well spoken, as is Pat. It does not get any better than this one does.

"Fast Larry" Guninger
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