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Movie Jarhead

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 11:17 AM

Movie Jarhead

I realize shoot em up blow em up movies are made for the mentality of 14 year olds, and I am a dino, but, what the fook was this pos...Good God, did we forget how to make a war movie. John fookin wayne lands on Iwo Jima, has no problem finding the 25,000 japs in front of him, he blows boo coo of them away, we win war, end of story.

Here the heros have 1 million rag heads right in front of them and they wander the desert like camels and never see one, never fire their weapon, manage to get shot up by their own warthog which was their only combat. Every other word out of their mouth was fook. They came off like a bunch of street punk moron gang bangers. The main hero's main accomplishment was to clean out a shitter?
It was so bad, I could not turn it off, I wanted to know if it would get worse and it did.

What, a mexican makes the movie and is pissed off we wiped their army out and took a third of their country so he makes our marines look like clowns. This was a disgrace.

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