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Posted 07 February 2007 - 12:47 AM

Larry I was wondering if you would be kind enoughto review the following articles I have written
as they are my first attempts.


I have come to learn over many years that there are two areas controlling people as they strive to improve. The first is EXPERIENCE. Experience is the combination of two basic things knowledge and skills. The more knowledge a player gains the easier it will be to make the correct decision in every situation they face on the table. This leaves us at skills, which is the physical ability to execute the knowledge a player has accumulated. This is the major difference between players and teachers, players must be able to execute their knowledge and teachers on the other hand need not be able to execute his knowledge but he must be capable of conveying that knowledge to a student in a way they can understand and utilize.
So the major way for any player to improve is to expand either their knowledge or their skills. For brief periods one will jump ahead of the other but in order for continued improvement to occur they must level out, so that one can jump ahead again this is the cycle of improvement. If you execute above your knowledge or have more knowledge than you can execute, your game reaches the dreaded plateau and improvement ceases. There are many great ways to stimulate knowledge or skills, professional instruction, books or videos, if you search for an answer you will find it.

The second is CONFIDENCE. Confidence is the ability to have complete trust in your skills under pressure. Thus the elusive zone is only reached when all three factors are present at their highest levels. The sharper you hone your knowledge and skills in practice and competition the more your confidence will grow and the better a game you will play. So take stock of your game to find out where your improvement needs to take place.

Remember experience tells us what to do and confidence allows us to do it.

Bernie Collins
BCA Instructor
VNEA Referee
Brunswick Certified Table Mechanic

2nd article


I believe the use of a swing thought or mantra would greatly help most players.
I remember reading and article in which a golfer I read about that uses the word "oily" during his swing and several tennis books recommend using terminology like "back - hit" on their swings.

The way I like to describe this is that the conscious mind tries to control the stroke and shot process and if you try to block it out it will jump up and bite you when you least expect it. But if you give it a job to do (swing thought or mantra) it can be lulled to sleep because it believes that it is controlling the situation.

You start out repeating your swing thought on every shot and the more you shoot your conscious mind relaxes and you fall easily into dead stroke (the swing thought fades away naturally). Every time you emerge from dead stroke you have a reliable way to put yourself back into the zone, whether you are coming from your chair to the table cold or are faced with a tough shot you simply repeat your mantra allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in the situation.

Two last thoughts, one, players spend alot of time and focus aligning their bodies to the shot the same consistent way every time, a swing thought or mantra aligns the mind to the shot the same way every time.

Secondly ever since we were children we have had swing thought engrained in us. when you were a child running a foot race it was started with the mantra 1, 2, 3, GO!, this allowed you to align your body and mind with the task at hand, you had a mental picture of what was required to run the race and at GO! you executed your mental imagery.

Think of how many whistles, buzzers, bells and other sounds we have been conditioned to react to in our lives and create your own pool swing thought or mantra. Control your own mind.

Bernie Collins
BCA Instructor
VNEA Referee
Brunswick Certified Table Mechanic

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Posted 07 February 2007 - 10:24 AM

Excellent, well done, thank you for them. Keep this up and give us more of what you see and think.

Fast Larry

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