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The diamond system explained

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Posted 17 December 2005 - 03:02 PM

Your 101 intro into the Diamond system


4 pages, 12-17-05 CR Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved.

This is a brief introduction. To teach the system to you would require a 500 page book and years of study.

There are 3 basic cue positions, center, no English, Running, meaning when the cue ball hits a cushion it juices and widens its angle and picks up speed. Reverse does just the opposite which slows the shot down and the angle narrows. On a good table you have diamonds to see, brads or little dots.

For the diamond system to work and connect you must learn to hit each bank shot with the same speed. Medium force of stroke then they repeat. Remember hit soft and the angle widens, hard and it narrows. Banking the same speed means you can remember tracks and produce them.

When you aim at a diamond you shoot through it and never at the point on the cushion next to it. When lighting is poor I set a piece of chalk on the diamond and aim to send my cue ball right through the center of that chalk.
The cue ball is at the top right pocket and we want to shoot the 9 ball but it is blocked. A 3 rail bank is planned. The majority of banks are shot with running English. Looking down the far left long rail the first diamond is marked #1, forget the Wei table, his numbers are all wrong. I have that marked A, the next diamond up is 2 marked B, 3rd diamond up is 3, marked D, 4 is on the side pocket and so on up to 8.

On older tables with bad cloth and rubber the 3 rail bank point might be diamond one. On most normal tables it is around diamond 2. On brand new tables with new hot rubber and fast simonis it is usually diamond 3. We will aim at diamond two. We aim through the diamond and the place where the cue ball contacts the cushion is actually diamond 2.5 marked C but never give that any further thought.

Shooting left running English would be hiting the cue ball on the right side and I like 3:00 half to one tip right level cue depending on the speed of the rubber again medium firm speed of stroke. Not soft, hot hard. Reverse would be hitting the cue ball on the left side at 9:00. If I was to bank the cue ball now hitting the right long rail running would be 9:00 and reverse 3:00.

So if I hit diamond 2 properly on the left long rail the cue ball banks 3 rails and pots the 9. Every table is different and the next day that banking number could change due to humidity and temperature which could make it 2.2. When I get on a table I set this shot up and keep shooting it changing the chalk up and down until it connects and pots the 9. I then remember that diamond number for the rest of the day. Let us now assume that number is 2.2. Half way between diamond 1 and 2 is 1.5. A diamond is about a foot apart so subdivide it into 10 parts.

We now have a track to depend upon which is 2.0 diamond. But what do we do if in a game the cue ball does not lie on that track? It it’s to the left of the track you see track diamond 2 and then lay your cue down parallel to that line and there is your new rail aim point.
B was your old aim point, now 3.6 marked A makes the shot.
Diamond 2.0 track:

START( %AN7O5%BL8P7%CJ7O4%DL8N2%Eq1H1%FK7P1%GK7N8%HM7N8%Ir6Z4%JK8M6 %KJ7P7%LJ7N2%MK7Q3%NJ7Q9%OJ7M0%Pp8E5%QG9Y5%RN1Y7%SR4Z2%TT5Z2 %WP3]2%Xo7F0%[C8P0%Q9[6%]N8D1%^C3O2%eC1a3%_q3Y9%`e3R5%aO4C5 )END

Diamond 3.6 track:

START( %AN7O5%BL8P7%CJ7O4%DL8N2%Ep1N6%FK7P1%GK7N8%HM7N8%Ir6Z4%JK8M6 %KJ7P7%LJ7N2%MK7Q3%NJ7Q9%OJ7M0%Pp0K4%QX5X7%RQ3Y4%WQ72%Xo7F0 %[C8P0%Q9[6%]N8D1%^C3O2%eC1a3%_q3Y9%`e3R5%aO4C5%bY5[2%cb4T9 %do3K8 )END

Diamond track 1.2

If the cue ball is right of track 2.0 your new parallel aim point is 1.2

START( %AN7O5%BL8P7%CJ7O4%DL8N2%Ep1N6%FK7P1%GK7N8%HM7N8%Ir6Z4%JK8M6 %KJ7P7%LJ7N2%MK7Q3%NJ7Q9%OJ7M0%Pm4E2%QI9[7%RQ3Y4%WQ72%Xo7F0 %[C8P0%Q9[6%]N8D1%^C3O2%eC1a3%_q3Y9%`e3R5%aO4C5%bN2[0%c]3P6 %dl6E8 )END

If the cue ball is back on the original 2.0 track and the 9 ball is no longer a duck in the bottom left corner pocket but now lies a diamond over to the right on diamond 5 your new aim point becomes diamond one and you might even kick it in.

START( %Eq5J7%Ir7V1%Pq3E4%QH1Z9%RQ3Y4%WQ72%Xo7F0%[C8P0%Q9[6%]N8D1 %^C3O2%eC1a3%_q3Y9%`e3R5%aO4C5%bL5[7%c9Q5%dp5F0 )END

If the 9 ball now lies on diamond 8 marked C you shoot into diamond 3 marked A to kick it in. You will be happy to just hit the ball and not give up cue ball in hand. If the 9 ball is a half diamond over you adjust your long rail calculation accordingly. That is how you work the diamond system off of a single beginning track and this is your very basic 101 first instruction into how it all works and connects.


START( %A[01%B[21%CJ7O4%DL8N2%Ep1N6%F[6[8%GK7N8%HM7N8%Im9Z7%JK8M6 %K[52%LJ7N2%M[63%N[90%OJ7M0%Pq4E0%QX5X7%RQ3Y4%Sm0[2%WQ72 %Xo7F0%[C8P0%Q9[6%]N8D1%^C3O2%eC1a3%_q3Y9%`e3R5%aO4C5%bW6[9 %c`7S3%dp7E6 )END

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