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What Happened Last Night

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Posted 26 June 2018 - 01:32 PM

So my team was playing in our local cup competition (8-ball). It's actually the losers' cup, for teams who got knocked out in the first round of the real cup, so I thought we had a great chance of winning the whole thing, but we drew an away game at the team who are top of our league (just ahead of us at half way!)


In my first game I mess up my out, get left with one ball, the yellow, and after some to-and-fro I wind up hooked as pictured. (Pockets not pictured, I'm assuming you'll be familiar with where they are!) The safest shot (purple line) was the easy bank off the short rail to probably leave the other guy hooked.


But I also see the 3-rail bank to make the yellow in the corner (green line). I sensed I had a good feel for the route, and if I didn't make the pocket, the position in the corner made the ball a big target, and I'd probably leave the other guy safe. I got down pretty quickly and shot it, which grabbed the attention of everybody in the place! Do I need to say that I missed, sold out and lost the game?


I felt like such a bum, selling out my whole team in an important match on a stupid and undisciplined showboat shot.


But I also know that the spectacular shot always calls out to me and I don't know I could promise I wouldn't try it again, given the chance.




Later on I had a free moment to try the shot again on the table, aimed it more carefully, and shot it again. I missed again to the same side, and am satisfied that the rails were poor causing the miss.


Which just means my mistake was trying a risky shot on a table I didn't know well enough to trust, rather than shooting badly. So it doesn't get me off the hook.


The match had a happy ending though. My team won, and I played in one more game and played at my best, winning from a position my teammates thought was hopeless.

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